Simple Love
Author: A.E. Eidem

Chapter 1
Holding His Hand - Grace

I have decided that H is my favorite letter in the world. HHH. Holding his hand. Hand holding. Holding. Holding eachother. Okay so now I like the letter E. H E. He. He. He is my everything.

US. Us. Oh how I love U and S the way they come together. Like HE and I come together... Us.

We. We are meant to be. We are in love. We we we...

As I stare into His (another H) eyes my heart is filled with this warmth like the sun is inside me... All we have to do is look at one another and this feeling proceeded... This feeling like the world is Heavon (HHHHeavon) and there is no one else but us two.

I like this feeling.

His name is Seth Johnson.

He's the boy that makes me feel this way like my stomach is doing a back handspring into a back tuck... Yeah, butterflys would have been an understatement to how he makes me feel.

My name is Grace. Grace Summers.

Grace and Seth...

Seth and Grace.

They flow in a harmony that tickles my ears.

It's simple.

We are in love.

And Holding His Hand makes me feel like the world is in out little grasp.

DId I mention that I like the letter H?


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