Give All My Secrets
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 4
Daylight (Inspired by the Matt and Kim song.)

_________ Bella __________


"I love you." I sigh, looking away from the window.

"I love you too." Edward smiles, he's kinda cute.

No. I love Rylie, i'm with him. Nothing here is real.

"Let's go and run." I grin.

He smiles back and I hop onto his back.

"Hold on tight spider monkey!"

I giggle and put my nose into his neck.



We jump around trees, rocks, logs, and sprint through tall grass.

We laugh with eachother, running faster.

I let him go as we reach Jacob's side. I slow down to a human speed sprint and jump down.

"Bella!" He yells.

I land in the river between territories and sit down on a rock.

Werewolves gather and stare at me.

I wave and smile at Jacob.

They all stare at me as if I had two heads.

how in the hell did she jump down from all the way up there without getting hurt?!

He thinks.

Damn it. Bloodsuckers!


"I'm still human, I can go on either side I want." I smile.

Jacob softens a bit.

Nice save Isabella! I think.

I look around me.

How am I going to... aha! I see it now.

I stand, brush all the dirt from my butt and plany my foot on a rock in the side.

I climb up with ease and Edward stares at me blankly.

"What the...."

I heave a mental sigh, walk towards him, and trip, just for good measure.

Edward stifles an odd laugh and picks me up.

"C'mon Bella."




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