Poetry From The Weakened Soul
Author: Neil Evans

Chapter 7
My Beautiful Angel (MUST READ: This is my favorite and most meaningful poem)

I remember when I first kissed you
You were so confused
It was a delight of mine
To taste your lips for once
And somehow I wonder
Would you do it again?
Because, I swear
The first time
That was magical
When you said you loved me
I knew that heaven
was within my hellish grasp
Then at some point in time
You grew to be happy
I remember when I
Said you were mine
I felt so embarrassed
Because I hadn't asked if I was yours
And you thought it was kinda cute
Damn, guess I was just so silly
But your smile made me
Want to be a fool
And there were those days
Where I would call you up
And I heard your cute little
Accented voice
You were a gift from heaven
You were my
Beautiful angel
And I remember the day
When the gods threatened us
But you
You carried us through that storm
I was just so grateful
I still had my
Beautiful angel
And then you wanted me to sing to you
But I was just too scared
To sing four lines
I knew I sounded like
A nervous schoolboy
But, you gotta admit
I tried
And then there was that day
When you were watching horror movies
And sometimes talked to me
But still I admit I
Was happy as could be
But, so slowly, dark days approached
In the form of another
She had looks, alright
But she was no
Beautiful angel
And yet she tempted me
Ever so clearly
She kept acting abused
She was just another whore
And then she started
Faking suicides
I was
Scared for another's life
And I guess I made the mistake
Of selling away
My beautiful angel
I still remember that guy
He was your friend
But he touched my
Beautiful angel
I think that I
went a bit too far
I swore I would
Kill him slowly
If he didn't back down
There was a misunderstanding
It was just your joke
And I made myself
Look stupid as could be
Instead of looking
Because I really cared
About my beautiful angel
But, somehow
Some way
I sold my beautiful angel
I bet she kept showing you
How I said I would
Never go back to my
Beautiful angel
But you should know that
While I was with that whore
Everything I said
Made it
Life or death
And I missed you
Ever single day
But I
Had to stay away
From my
Beautiful angel
Or else, it seemed
The whore would die
But you should know this much,
My beautiful angel
I may have broken your wings
And I shattered your perfect heart
But there hasn't been a beat in mine
Since the last time that I
Kissed my beautiful angel's lips
Ever since those painful days
I've wrote and wrote
About my cold heart
But every time I think of my
Beautiful angel
I cannot breathe long enough
To write something out
Because it hurts to know that
I gave up my
Beautiful angel
For another sick whore
And at some point
I hope you know
I'll never quit
Until I see you again
Because you are my
Beautiful angel


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