Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 17
Thank You's

Wow, it feels like its over too soon. I feel- incomplete now, knowing I wont have any Moon Angel ideas to think of during Math class...... o.o hmm.

Well, thanks to my besties- Lauren Mayer, Sierra Cornman, and Zydanne Boannagan. You're all my best friends and greatest editors. My mom, because I simply couldn't live without her, and Emery what ever your last name is. I miss you a LOT. Thanks to

Jenn- a really nice kid from my fifth grade math class

Matt- the really hot soccer player from seventh grade

Adeline- well, if I ever had another sister, that's what i'd want her name to be. (She's a bit based on me though)

Worthyof for letting me publish online. youre all awesome.

My eight grade creatice writing teacher and AWESOME person Mrs. Wong, for calling me Madi Fay when every other teacher thought it was a rediculious nicname. My parents for not yelling at me for staying up till midnight typing this. My fingers, for only giving out on me twice, and every fantasy, horor, and romance novel out there. You've made me feel a LOT better about writing romance.

My music inspiration would have to be Paramore,Linking Park (And Fort Minor of course!) Flyleaf, ACDC, Keane, Lenka, that band who sings "Love's gonna get you down" or more commonly known as "Lollipop" Sixpence none The Richer, Anna Nalick, Blink 182, Atlantis Morrisette, The Band Perry, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Ryan Cabirea, Edwin McCain, Natasha and Daniel Beddingfeild, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, (Yeah, it's a dollar sign. Awesome right?! :D )

Dunkin Donuts too! Without their awesome coffee, this would NEVER be done.

I've had this fear when I startedwriting these stories, mainly because I connected so much with the characters here more than any story.

"The one think I cant STAND about writing, is that you have to stop." Is what i've always said. Even the Harry Potter bor pointing out theat Flo-rida does indeed spell FLORIDA! as if I didnt already know that. (dumbass. grrr.) thanks also the My entire family, mom and dads side, all the friends i've made over the years, and most of all......

Jason and Rebecca. My lil bro and sis. We fight a lot. But I couldn't live without them . I <3 yhu!!!

-Madi Fay


Thanks for all who've read this too. ESPECIALLY China Roses, (the 1st to rate/comment on this)



There's no ammount of words to tell how happy I feel right now. Its kinda weird, since, well- you know- I'm the one who made them up. (lolz) but I connected with all the characters in a way i cant say.

Thanks again.

-Madi Fay


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