Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 15
Letters in the Sky

Matt throws me a thumbs up as I step up towards the huge double doors.

I place my hands into the glowing ball of watery ice, but it's warm.

"Listening, compassion, love, will power, persuasion, common sense, speed, agility, quick thinking." Mary shouts.

"All your features."

She smiles at me and I smile back.

"Choose the most importsnt."

I think for a second.

Without love, I wouldn't be here. Without will power, i'd be dead. Common Sense? pshh, please, i'd be dead a long time ago.

"Love." I reply sternly.

Mary smiles.

"Unsuprising, why?"

"Without love, I never would have given a second thought to anything. I wouldn't have my mother for advise, I wouldn't have her for a reason to fight. I wouldn't have Jenn or Matt or the others. June, you, the stars. Love makes everything grow. All my other features are fueled by it."

Mary beams at me and nods.


"I hope you may forgive me for what is about to happen." I reply.

Her face changes, from happiness to confusion.

I remove my hands and face the others.

"They wont stop until i'm dead. And until then you're all in danger. I cant let that happen."

"What are you saying?" June says, on the verge of crying. "you're leaving?"

"In a way yes." I smile. Mary looks terrified.

"I am so sorry. I know you'll be unhappy, but i'd rather have you live a normal life without me than none at all."

"Adeline!" Matt barks. "what are you doing?"

"Adeline, dont do anything stupid!" Luna warns.

"I'm sorry."

Dawn Weavers fall from everywhere. Scaring everyone but me.

"Adeline!" Matt cries.

"They wont touch you. they'll drop like flies as soon as i'm dead."

"Adeline, please!" Izz pleas, crying wildly now.

I feel a tear now too.

I drop my head.

"Go." I mumble. With that, they all dissappear, and are now at Luna Bella, all exept for Matt, waiting at the house we'd came from.

I look at Fern, who followed them here.

"Miss. Vinalese." She says, sitting down next to me. "Are you aware of your future?"


"Allow me to tell you then. Please."

I nod, it doesen't matter anyway.

"You and Matthew were to be married, three weeks from now. He would've proposed tonight. You would have had three healthy, beautiful children. Anabella, Jennifer, and Matthew Jr. They would have loved you, and woken you up every morning with kisses, and you'd have fallen asleep in his arms. You would have gone to their ballet recitals, and violin concerts, and the baseball games. Every Saturday morning youwould have eaten lunch with Dacia, Jennifer, and Alex while they were at school. Sometimes you'd take Isabella out earmy and take her too.

Anabella would have gotten her hair and nails done for her thirteenth birthday, and seen that new movie she's so into. And they'd all blow out birthday candles and play with you in the yard."

I was frozen.

What had I done?


"I'm doing this for them. Please, dont make me feel like the bad guy." I shake my head.

"Dont you see? they've been taking bullets for you ever since you've met them. Dont make these six years mean nothing."

What have I done?


No answer.

"Matt, i'm sorry."

He's in front of me suddenly, arms crossed, glaring hard.

"You'd rather die."

"No. I wouldn't which is why-"

"All that we've done..." He shakes his head and sits down on the white couch.

I sit next to him and hug him.

"dont. Make. It. Harder."

"Harder for me to stay?"


"I'm staying. They're really pissed now. I thought I was doing a good thing, defending what you've done for me, but that would have ruined it all."

"Why would you even consider that?!" He snaps.

"I was convinced you would be dead by sunrise, again!"

I sniff, holding back tears, he's mad at me, he's yelling at me...

He kisses me.

Holding my face in his hands and his wet cheeks pressing against mine.

"I love you, dont do that to me." He whispers, my head under his chin.

"I love you too."

"I love you more."

"They wont stop."

"Neither will I." He vows.

It was three minuets to midnight, the full moon high and huge over the sky.

We let balloons into the sky again.


Still love you. And now I have someone else to love. thank you for teaching me how.


Adeline Lf. M. Vinalese.

"What does yours say?" He asks.

"Uh." I cower as he reads it. he smiles and looks at me.

"Here, you can read mine, then we're even."

"Okay." I beam.

Mrs. Vinalese,

I'm not sure if you've ever really approved of me.... Bu i just want to ask,

Can I marry her?

I promise to love her forever like no one else has. If she decides to leave me, that's her decision, i'm not welding any rings to her finger. i want to grow older and older than my already ancient self knowing that i'll never run out of love for her.

-Matt S.

I look up at him and gasp, tears flowing.

"She says it's okay." I cry, and leap into his arms.

That night I fell asleep in his arms, dreaming of sleepovers, birthday parties, and little Silvercrests.


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