Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 14
A Love and Hate Story for All of Us

"Hi, Mr. Vinalese!" a familiar voice chimes from the door. Dad stands still, then shakes his head and ushers the new babysitter in. Adeline!

She winks at me and smiles at Dad again.

"What did you say your name was again?" He asks.

"Anabella." She says, our mother's name.

"Oh, well, this is my new friend, Clara.

Uh, oh. She's not going to like Dad's new girlfriend.

Clara extends an arm to her, but Adeline- eh- Anabella, stands perfectly still.

"Well," Dad says akwardly, "we'd better go now. Food is-"

"in the fridge, third shelf on the door, plates in the top shelf left cabinet above the dishwasher." She finishes.

Dad nods, a bit confused, and closes the door. Adeline doesent move until the car's pulled away and long gone.

She's over to me in a flash.

"Oh, Jacob i've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too, sis." I mumble, tears rising.

"I love you so much, and I promise to visit you whenever I can!"

I'm too clouded with tears to speak.

"Izz too." she promises. My smile broadens. "I think I really love her.'' I admit, a bit embarrased.

"Well." She pulls away, keeping me at shoulder length. "Dad wont be home till late tonight, wanna see her?"

I can see my reflection in her silvery eyes, mine are huge, smile wide.


She nods once and stands up.

"Let's go the Moon Angel way!"

"What's that?" I ask, but she's already pulled me onto her back.

"Is this the part when you say 'Hold on tight spidermonkey'? and then I giggle like a dumb brunette?"

She tosses me a quick glare, then smiles. "No, but you'd better hang on."

I tighten my grip on her nec and we're off.



"Aw, she's gonna love that!" Dacia beams, Matt nods.

"Adeline's really warming up since Adrienne's been off her ass." Aden sighs, admiring his new six- pack throught his white tee shirt.

I roll my eyes and return to my coloring book.

Sadly, I still had the artistic abilities of a ten year old, I wondered if they could fix that.

"I'll like what?" I sigh, "i'm not in the mood for suprises."

Just then Adeline walks inside, unable to keep her smile hidden.

"Oh, Isabellllllaaaaaaa!" she sings.

I turn slowly, fearing the worst- "JACOB!" I scream, leaping up and hugging him. He feel sidfferent as a fourteen year old.

"Hiya Izz!"

"You rembered my nickname?" I smile.

"Of course I did!" He grins, then he see's Aden inspecting him and drops his arms.

"Well, yeah. You know, it's not nice to forget someone's name." He squares his shoulders and looks at Aden with a real grown up face, crossing his arms.

"I asume you're in good health, Mister Aden." He says broadly.

Adeline rolls her eyes and I giggle.

"We- my good man, need to talk."

"Jolly good, jolly good."

I can tell he's joking, but when Aden tows him away, he turns at us and mouths: S.O.S!

They walk into the dining room and close the door.

I run at Adeline and hug her until I hear a loud pop.

She whimpers a bit, hoping I dont notice i've just cracked a bone in her spine.

"Oh- thank you thank you thank youuuuuu!" I hug her and rock back and forth, almost knocking us both over.

She pats my head, "No probleme, Izz."

I let go and look back towards the door.

"What do you think they're talking about?"


Poor kid! I think, i's scaring the crap out of him!

I smile to myself, and he looks a bit scared now.

"So..." He sighs, his back still straight an dhis face rigid. He's trying to act older, more mature, I can oboviously tell.

"I want to date your sister." He says quickly.

Whoa, did- not see that coming.

"Really?" I ask. "she's a bit on the clingy side."

He nods, probably thinking of what to say next, only then do I realize he's had this all planned out. This has been on his mind for a while...

"Are you sure? Cause' she could blow your head off you know." I flip to the next channel on the flatscreen. I slouch deeper into the couch and yawn.

"I'm willing to risk it." He mumbles.

"Then why are you telling me?" I ask.

"Well, you're her big brother. You love her and want what's best for her. I want to make sure it's okay with you. I dont know if i'm worth it."

He sulks a bit, eyes falling to the floor.

"Listen." I begin, sitting up and turning the T.V off.

"Izz is a cutie, I cant argue, and I know you like her. And she likes you-" he brightens up a bit. "but honestly-" he looks worried now.

"You're more than worth it. You wouldn't care if she had three eyes and a tail, and the same goes for her. She's thought she wasn't good enough for you."

He looks at me, appalled. "But she's perfect. Practically an angel."

I smile. "See, thats how she feels when you dont think you're worth it."

He beams at me, God- just like his sister.

"You've got my okay." I smile back.

He beams and runs for the door.

"No making out!" I shout. He turns and looks at me, a bit dissapointed.

"fine, around us."

He makes a break for it, and I can hear Izz squeal.

I laugh to myself, and stand, wlking towards the door.

I'm blocked and the door is closed.


She smiles, a bit worried. "can I talk to you?"

I nod. "uh, yeah. C'mon, sit down."

I'm in the middle of making her hot chocolate when she laughs.

I turn and raise a brow. "What?"

"Nothing, just-" she laughs again. "wow, I rember when i first met Adeline, and then I helped Mary resurrect you. I kinda thought you were cute."

i freze, but keep stiring, hoping she didnt notice my pause.


"Yeah. It sounds super dorky but...well, I thought you had nice eyes." she laughs again, but it shakier this time.

"You've always had pretty eyes." I confess.

Her eyes widen, "please." she scoffs. "I look like a freak. Or an emo vampire wannabe." She frowns, turning away from me.

"Hey, your eyes arent purple. I'd kill to have red eyes, they're really cool."

He thinks my eyes are cool. She thinks. He really does!

"Here." I hand her the mug of hot chocolate and he takes it in her thin red fingers, probably cold from the snow.

"How was last night?" I ask.

"Epic. Those tatoo painting thinggies they put on our foreheads were burned on."

I wince, imaging the tourture.

"My feet were freezing. Which really means something since, well, you know."

She chuckles. He's so cute. I am so glad I cant blush!

"Same." I admit.

"We'd both be red in the face though, no one falls alone I guess."

She looks at me like a deer in headlights.

"Y-you heard me?"

I nod. "That's my ability."

She weaves her brown in pure embarrasment and stands, shaking her head.

"Oh- God. I am so-"

I interrupt her with a long kiss on the lips. Honestly, i've liked her for a while. But she is royalty.

When I pull away she's frozen.

"Are you ok-"

she pulls me back in for another kiss.


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