Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 13
Forced Nightmares/ The End of the End


"What's wrong?" Lauren asks. I sti up, pausing the movie we've been watching.

"It's Mary."


"The guardian, she's the boss of all of us."

Lauren falls silent. "Does she need you?"

"No. she needs you. And me, if I can."

She jumps up and runs into her room.

No less than five seconds later, she's out in jeans, Converse, and a solid blue t-shirt with a big peace sign in the middle.

And we're off.


I imagine Matt and I at the prom from Freshman year, dancing to Hero. (Enrique Englesais. probably spelled that wrong...)

Matt wrispers some of the word in my ear as we dance;

"Oh, I just wanna hold you, am I in too deep, have I lost my mind? Well I dont car eyou're here tonight. I can be your hero baby, I can kiss away the pain, I will stand by you forever, you can take my breath away."

I take a breath and lay my head between his shoulder and chin.

Mrs. Gross, before she was thrown into the bleachers, supervised the dance that night.

She pushed all the couples apart, i guess it was a teen thing, but tonight she just watches us with a smile, everyone did, they surrounded us and just watched.

I'll never forget that night, me in my floor length dress with the peacock colors, different shades of blues and greens. They matched his dark blue bow tie and his jetblack tux.

I sigh just thinking about it, the twinkling lights and music wafting getnly through the air.

"by what name should I call a rose-" He starts.

"By any name as sweet." I finish, grinnig at him. I flush deep pink whenI realize we're being watched.

"Think of something bad now." Matt says.

I almost instinctivley think of Dacia, in her pink dress, floufly and sleevless. She snomps over in her perfect heels, and perfect little hair bun. She breaks through the crowd and stomps towards us, pushing us apart and hugging Matt.

I stagger back hurt and shocked.

Matt kisses the topof her head and sneers at me.

"just kidding." He laughs.

"Stupid human!" Dacia crackles. They start kissing, and i'm left there in awe, a hole ripping through my chest.

I feel someone pulling at my hair.


She all but growls at me, her eyes growing red. she smiles evily as Sam steps around her.

"You are stupid!" She laughs.

Sam smiles too.

"You've been a Shadow this whole time?"

Lauren steps closer and I hear more heels clicking.

In a really sluty, short black dress, is Adrienne, she steps out from two kids I dont know andwalks to the other side of Matt.

"Hiya, Addy."

Matt's eyes grow red, as does the other two girls. Even Jenn is visible, her eyes red too, sticking her tounge out at me.

"You're all-"

"uh, duh! I mean, really- Moon Angel?! God, I cant believe she bought that!" Matt laughs.

"You think i'd leave her? My first love?" He continues. Damn you Adrienne. Damn you to the deepest pit of hell. Burn demon!

My eyes flash open and i'm still seething.

"Bitch!" I yell, lifting the sword above my head and heaving it back down, slicing her head in two.

The sword falls, still in my hands.

I breathe heavily and turn towards Dacia.

"Damn, get her away!" I yell. "I dont wanna hurt anyone."

Dacia backs behind her brother, but her eyes dont leave me.

"Are you okay now?" Jenn asks. I rember that it was only a dream, nothing real.

"It wasn't real, it wasn't real, it wasn't real." I coax myself, taking deep breaths and handing her the sword.

"Take it."

She struggles to holdit up, and I cant blame her, the red tinted iron sword had Moon Flowers literally engraved into it, seriously! Bound and immortal to it by magic.

"Adeline." Dacia mumbles.

I look at her and raise a brow.

"I saw it, your nightmare."

Oh God. Here we go.

"I'm so sorry!" she sobs.

We all stare in awe and shock, especially me.


"I thought I was just being a bitch, but I was a total monster to you!"

She sniffs and falls into a crumpled heap on the ground on her knees.

"I know apologizing wont fix things, but I want you to at least know. You have no idea how muchit hurts though."

The others move away, laeving us alone, all exept for Matt.

"I thought he loved me, and I loved him. I was so angry when he just- left me. I was replaced so quickly- I- I..." Her words are broken with more sobs and sniffles. I drop in front of her and grab her hands, forcing them away from her face.

"Dacia. I'm sorry. I dont know that that's like. And I wouldn't wish it on anyone else. But I know for a fact there's always someone out there who loves everything about you, even the things you dont like."

She looks up at me.

Really? Her eyes say.

I nod.

"You're a beautiful person, Dacia. Have I ever told you otherwise?"

I hadn't, she just realized that.

"You've never responded, well, not really."

I nod, "because I feel for you. i know what you've been through. You have more than enough right to be mad at me."

Matt walks over towards us and sits by her.

"I'm sorry too. I was such a jerk, I coud've at least told you, let you down easier." He shakes his head and says nothing.

Dacia stands.

"Adeline's right. I cant hang onto the past. I've got to move on and get over it." She smiles and holds out a hand to me.

I take it and stand up. We smile at eachother before we all walk back to the castle together.


"Adeline Vinalese is dead. I know it."

I feel something soft hit the back of my head.

Ixx gasps. I turn and see then Dacia's thrown a pillow at me, smiling, her eyes happy. And he's holding hands and laughing- with Adeline!

"Good God!" I yell. "it's a miracle!"

Izz stands and shoves against my shoulder.

"Whoa, deep voice." Adeline smiles. "you get older?"

"Yep. They're gonna change you two too. They were waiting until you were done."

Adeline nods, smiles and leaves with Dacia, laughing and smiling again.

Matt stares after them.

"That- is going to take some getting used to." He sighs, he looks worried.

"I wonder what she'll look like as an older woman." I muse.

"Yeah." Matt thinks.

"You'll probably look the same. You might have to shave though." I joke.

"Same with you!" he laughs.

Adeline sticks her head around the corner, then walks out.

"So..." She smiles shyly and we gawk.

her face is longer, so if her hair, but its darker, she's taller with a thinner waist and longer legs.

Her eyes are silver.

Damn, she's hot!

She giggles and spins around, "You really think so?" If she could blush, she'd be scarlet right about now.

When Matt and I go, our muscles are a lot bigger. Not in a creepy, steroid kind of way, a manly way. We have a bit of five o' clock shadow to clean up, and we're a lot taller.

"Uh, wow." Matt mumbles, his voice deeper.

"No kidding." I sigh, and realize my voice is deeper too!


Dear Mom,

We killed Adrienne. My past incarnation who wanted to kill me. Luna was there, and now we're actually in the image of our age! Which is 23. wow, time goes by. I still love Matt, I havent seen Dad, or Jacob for that matter, but I have a plac to see them both.

I attach a group picture of all of us to the balloon and let it go.


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