Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 12
Final Girl


"I just cant believe she didnt rember how old I was!" I marvel.

"Well, this has all been tough on her, you rember what it was like for you, Izz." Matt responds sympatheticaly.

"True. Got a King?"

"Go fish." Aden smiles.

I draw an Ace, and freeze.

I straighten up, so does everyone else.

"What was that?" I whisper.

The sound of somethingheave hitting the floor echoes in the silence.

Then the hurrendous blast of something shakes everything inside, as if someone had started a jet plane in the dining room.

We all get the same idea and run the Adeline's room.

"Dayy-m." I gasp at the huge hole in the side of te wall.

"Where's A-" I begin, but am cut off, ducking as a beam of light shoots my way.

"Whoa!" I yell, we all look in that direstion and see them.

Matt and Jenn take off running, of course.

Aden and I aren't far behind.

"No!" Adeline yells, stopping us in our tracks.

"What!? are you insane? You cant take her on your own!" I yell.

"I read the book, okay. She's my doppleganger, if I dont kill her she'll keep coming back."

Damn, she's right. I stand next to her and glare at Adrienne.

"At least let us help you knock her down."

Adrienne grins happily.

"Try me, child. I dare you."

I smile back, crouching in a pouncing cheetah's stance.

Aden walks behind me, I can see his eyes growing jet black, deadly and slightly demonic.

"Don't you think enough is enough?" Matt sneers, moving in between us all.

I focus on him, creating a thin, invisible sheet of lightning around him, I dont like how close he is to her.

"Even if you did manage to get past all of us, and kill Adeline, do you think that'd make me love you again?"

She says nothing.

"that's why you're doing this. Not becouse of the goddamn baby, or the coven growing. It's because in your effort to make me love you, you ended up loving me."

She stands up straight and lets her head hang.

"I just-" she freezes.

her arm whips out like a cobra and lightning flies from her fingers, landing right on Matt's heart, but nothing happens. her lightning turns to nothing against my shield.

She's oboviously caught off guard by this, and the real fight begins.


The moment i've been waiting for, my new human body isn't fragile now that i've completely taken over. Fire balls of ligh tspeed my way from all of them, but I easily dodge them all.

jennifer runs at me, arms behind her, grabing something.

Ha, does she honestly think i'll fall for that?

She grins not an inch away from me, and I can feel her breath as it hits the top of my head, she flips over me and lands behind. She tosses a wild and painful kick to the back of the head. I spin around, ready to grab her leg and snap it like a twig, but she's already in front of me, sending a kick to the head.

I scream, grabing her wrist and flinging her outwards and onto her brother.

He catches her, her wrist is broken and tumbles around her wrist like a wet noodle. She growls, flicking it back in place with a sickening snap.

Aden is next, shifting into a monster sized wolf, he jumps at me, snaping his jaws just inches from my face. I struggle to push him off, but then reach for my dagger and jab him in the arm. He barks and whines, shrinking back as the Sun flower nectar travels through his veins.

I shake the earth to see if any dead are near, but there are none, damn.

Aden returs to his normal, human body, choking at the venom.

I chuckle, imagining his pain.

His little sister snaps at me with her arms, which she's meraculously turned into tenticals of fire.

"Now, now, Isabela! Dont't waste your energy! You may need it!" I take off running into the woods at that second.

The others follow like angry dogs, but one has stayed behind, who?


I stare at the dagger Aden yanked from his arm after Adrienne took off. Suddenly I get an idea...



Adeline, where are you?

On my way.

Are you okay?

yes. I have an idea, just let me near her, i'll take care of the rest.

Alright, dont do anything stupid!


We weave between trees, rocks and bushes, jumping over lakes, ponds, and rivers.

What's Adeline thinking of?

I see an orange flash ahead of us, Adeline's hair.

"What the hell?" I can hear Iss shout.

"Matt, what's she doing!"

"I dont know, just trust her."

I realize that Adrienne is more than capable of hearing us and add;

"She's going to lead Adrienne on, then stop short and run back tot he clearing we came from."

Thanks, I needed that cover up. Adeline sends

No problem, when she follows us to meet you back at the clearing, you'll be behind her, we'll goad her on to distract her from you.

Okay. Be careful, please.

No promises.

Matthew Alexander Silvercrest!

Alright, what are you my wife?

she's silent, and doesen't respond.

"Okay, I got the message, she's going back now, go, go, go!"

We all stop and run back.

"I'm gettin' too old for all this running crap!" Aden yells.

"Whoo! The rush!" Izz yells, skipping and doing front flips as she runs, a cartwheel here and there. I roll my eyes and keep moving. Adrienne's never been able to read my mind, but she can read the other's, they have no idea.


So close, so close! I think. I can see her back.

Just a bit closer! She turns for a second, and I jump up, skipping now from tree branch to tree branch.

I'm almost right above her, I slip the dagger from my jeans pocket and jump. One shot- if I screw up, it's the end for all of us.

It works! When I land on her, we tumble around like two playing kittens, rolling around in the dirt on the edge of the forest.

I shove the dagger into her leg, which burns and sizzles.

"Yes!" I yell.

I pull out the dagger and stab her again and again unlit she's too weak to move.

Her eyes flutter closed.

Matt and the others loom over me, dazed and confused.

"What the hell!" Izz shouts.

"Awesome." Aden breathes, a leaf falling from his hair.

"She's not dead yet, just knocked out. she'll wake up soon." I sigh.

"how do you kill a Dawn Weaver?"

How did you kill her?" Matt asks.

I pull the drained and dead Moon Flower from my back pocket and toss it on her, snatding up and looking at him.

"She hurt Aden with a sun Flower, which was in the book. I figured that made sense since she's a Dawn Weaver. So I though, What if something that has to do with the Moon could hurt her? low and behold I come across a Moon Flower. I took a wild guess and unloaded about three flowers worth of nectar from em' into here."

I show them the golden dagger with the black snakes carved into them with the tiny ruby eyes.

"Wow." Dacia breathes. "you're smarter than I thought."

I smile and look at her.

"And you're just as kick ass as I was afraid you'd be." I grin.

she smiles back and crosses her arms.

"And dont you forget it."

"Well, I see we've missed the show." A voice says, sweet and tiny, but vaugely familiar.

"What the hell?" Ixx breathes again.

We all turn and Matt steps forward.

"I just adore how you always show up late." He grins at them.

Mary, The Stars, Alex, and a bunch of other Moon Angels stand in a line around us, all wearing silvery capes that flow down to their feet.

Alex wiggles her fingers at me, and I wave back, stepping in front af Adrienne's body right as she see's it.

Her eyes openwide and her jaw drops.

"You killed her?"

"No, almost. She'll be awake soon."

With that, Aden and Matt lift her up and stand still.

"What do we do?" Matt asks.

Mary smiles, shaking her head.

"You've always been the naive one Matthew."

Her face sombers and she clears her throat.

"We'll need a spell, very powerful." Mary declareed. "Lunar Vinalese, you haave been summoned to destroy the Dawn Child."

My eyes bulged. Luna?!

"I accept your task, Star Mother." she smiles warmly at me as she emerges from behind the crowd, a silver cape flowing behind her. I notics some of them have blue moons painted on their faces.

Luna's moon is a crescent, silver and placed smack in the middle of her forehead. Vines of gold and blue stream down her pale face and end at her neck.

I hear myself gasp, but they all just smile sweetly.

"Go on." Mary goads, looking at Luna. She's so short compared to Mary! Luna's wavy black hair only reaches Mary's tall shoulder.

I smile in reture, but the joy is soon replaced with terror when Luna blinks, her eyes glow white, and her hair, once jet black, now white as snow floats above her as if she was under water.

She mumbles something, and Adrienne cries out.

I move away from her and slide into Matt's arms.

I have to admit, i'm a bit dissapointed. Matt thinks.

Why? she'll be gone for good now.

Well, i've spent years in fear for both of us, and the only thing that kills her is one spell...



"Luna, STOP!" I scream.

Adrienns laughs, practically giggles.

"No!" Mary warns, "stay away!"

"If I dont kill her she'll be reincarnated!"

Luna drops her hands, the wave of white water falls and turns to dust on the ground.

"I've- never- had - to - stop - that- quickly before!" She pants, on her hands and knees.

"Yo, Vinalese!" One of the cloaked figures shouts.

I look up at him, he's about my age, with brown hair and bright blue eyes.

"The only way someone as young as you can pull off a spell like that is if you're seriously pissed." He looks worridly at me.

"and after seeing you fight- well...i'm not voulenteering myself, lets just say that."

He holds up his hands and walks away.

"Luna's already left her paralized, just think of a wat to kill her within two hours. You'll be fine."

Piss me off? What the hell! How is anyone gonna do that?

We'll think of something. But Zander was right, we cant make you too angry.

I sigh, thinking.

Say you'll leave me?

Adeline, we want to make you violent, not emotionaly depressed.

Ha- ha. I sneer. Why cant I just stab her?

Matt raises a brow, considering.

"Cant she stab her? The Moon Flower nearly took off her leg."

"Really? Mary gasps, intrigued. "that's a bit coincidental."

"No kiddin' " I breathe.

"She can still summon Dawn Weavers. that's the last thing we need now." Zander complains, "we have to work fast."

We're all silent for a while, until Mary sighs and says "Would you like some advise."

I raise a brow, "from you?"

"That, human friend of yours, Lauren."

I jump up from the rock i'd been perched on.

"Lauren Mayer? As in - my best friend-? I thought I wan't allowed to see humans."

Mary remains straight faced.


"i'm calling Simon, he'll probably be with her."


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