Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 11
ahh, the gossip of imortality! love it- right?

"I wonder if she got the vision...." I wonder.

"Oh, stop worrying, Adeline's a smart girl, she must've got it..."

"How do you know?"

"She's my baby sister. She's just like me. Maybe she's just unsure how to figure it out yet."

"Whatever Luna, I have to go now. Are you skipping? I can cover for you."

I consider it, and finally nodd.


Karin nods once, and leaves, closing the door behind her.

I lean forward in my computer chair, tearing the picture of Adeline from my wall gently and looking her over.

"I wonder if your eyes are silver now..." I think aloud.

A light creak sende me springing up from my chair and my hands out straight in front of me, glowing a furious red.

"You!" I hiss.

"Lets not be overdramatic, Lunar."

"Get out. Now, Adrienne."

"You wouldn't hit your sister now would you?" She asks, mocking her voice almost perfectly.

"You little bitch! You sent her that I know it! Do you know what'll happen if she finds out? You cant tmper with the future, Luna!"

"Keep my name out of your mouth you little demon spawn!" I bark.

"you know nothing about her!"

"Have you forgotten? I am her! I spent three weeks inside her body, knowing all her thoughts, seeing all she saw, feeling all she felt. Which was a lot b.t.w. Little slut. Matthew belongs to me." I notice the small, golden band on her right hand. An engagement ring.

"I'll tell her!" I threaten.

"Go ahead. I dare you." she replies, smirking happily.

"I'm warning her. Right now. You go on and rant all you want you little bitch. It's doing you no good. They'll see past all your dumbass holes. Just know i'll spit on your grave once she rips your arrogant head off!"

She still smirks, but I know she believes me.

"I'll be back." She notes, her grin widening, her eyes growing redder.

"Dont take so long this time." I smile, hands still raised and glowing.

And just like that, she's gone.

What did she mean? All she felt? Did Matthew actually get her pregnant?! No, it's not possible. Or did they find some way to weave around it like Alice did?



I got really dizzy and fell, more pictures? Oh, God please make them stop!

Me and Matt again, the baby, then Adrienne...

Are your eyes silver now?

Get out now Adrienne!

Can't change the future, Lunar...

Be back.

I'll spit on your grave once she kills you...

They stop, and i'm left breathless. The images float away from me like whispy clouds, dissappearing in the air and taking my energy with it.

Well, well. It's about time you woke up. a voice says, seeming to echo in my head. I look around me, Jenn is reading, Matt is staring at me, making sure i'm okay, and Izz is chomping away at her endless supply of Take Five's.

"Who's there? Who's talking to me?"

Matt searches my eyes.

I cant hear myself talk. I cant hear Matt's respond, I read his lips- no one is!

"No, no... I can hear this voice inside my head..."

Dacia says something, and Jenn tosses her book to the floor, yelling at her.

If only I could hear....

"Guys, I cant hear what you say, hell, I cant even hear myself talk, but please, this really isn't the time to fight."

Aww, well. You have always been the peace maker of the family...

Who are you? I respond, thinking it in my head.

Luna, silly! I'm contacting you telepathically, can you hear me?


Can you hear the things around you?

No. Not even myself.

Good, it'd be confusing if you did. Now that you've learned how to respoond, Adrienne will try to get into your head too.

And she will. I finished.


I roll my eyes and sit upright.

"Who?" Matt mouths.

"Luna." I say, still unable to hear myself.

Matt's eyes widen in awe, in a way i;ve never seen him respond to me and souly me. Well, one other time...

I blush thinking about it, and Dacia fumes.

"Stop reading my mind then, weirdo!" She leans away from me, suprised by my comment.

"Mind your own buisness! Have you ever thought that maybe that's why things didnt work out?"

Her eyes widen, but she freezes.

One word escapes her lips before she turns on a heel and runs away in a flash.

A word i've heard before countless times because of my figure, posture, and the fact that I developed early...

"Slut." She spat the word coldly. But I didnt react. I sat still and glared at her.

Boy, she's nice. Remind me to kick her ass when I come out there later, whats her name again, Dacia? Luna asks, probably plotting evily in her head.


huh? Did you not just hear her call you a slut, Adeline? Dont take that b.s!

She was supposed to marry Matt. But then I was reincarnated and got in her way.

So? She needs to grow a pair. Seriously, no wonder he dumped her!

I cant help but laugh.

I know what she mom. i really didnt want to talk about Adrienne, but responded-

I know.


Wait- you-re coming out later?

Yup. Today, after school.



Why? What happened?

A- i'll tell you later.

I saw the pics you sent me. Adrienne was there, wasnt she?


Luna, tell me the truth please.


Well what? Was she? Was it a dream or something?


What then?

She told me some things that worried me a bit...


Well, have you and Matt had sex?


Adeline, I can hear what you're thinking, you know that , right?


You did didn't you?!


Adeline LeFay Marie-!

Luna listen! We did- not- have sex! I mean, we almost did, we made out a lot, but we kept our cloths on. it didn't even last that long.

It doesen't matter! You could've had sex before marrige! That's a sin, Adeline!

I'm not going to die anyway!

Who cares?

You do! You're going on and on about nothing!

You dont know if he had anything!

Okay, let me repeat myself, we-did-not-have-sex! And he's a virgin, dumbass! He doesen't have anything! He wouldn't keep me around this long just to get in my pants. I'm practically dead now, it's not like i'm knocked up! my eyes widen in shock when I catch Jenn staring at me.

"What did you do!" She gasped.

Aden stares at Matt in mock terror.

"Damn it! Stay out of my head! C'mon people! I've got enough going on here!" I'm funing, but a bit upset I took it out on Jenn.

"So sleeping mith my brother just made you feel better, huh?"

"I didn't sleep with him! We made out, come on Jenn, we've been making out on a daily basis since we met. Tell me you're not really suprised at this." My face flushed

"Dont be angry at her, Jennifer. You have nothing to go with this." Matt barks, his muscles tensing on his arms.

"Ugh!" Jenn growls, her eyes blackening almost instantly.

"I thought you were my friend, Adeline!"

I freeze at her anger, tacken aback by the way she didn't care what she was saying.

Aden still stood and gawked in disbelief. He shook his head, waving off the shock and looking at me sadly.

"Don't take it personally. She should've seen that coming. I did. Just didn't think it'd be this soon..." He trailed off again, looking into space.

"What do you mean? We didn't do anything! It's bad enouh my sister's pulling the whole bible study on me, and my best friend hates me because she thinks I slept with her brother, but you too? Omigod!"

"I believe you, Adeline. I know you didn't do anything. I would have heard rocks coliding." he laughs a bit before he sees our glares.

"But it will happen one day. Maybe thats why she sent the baby picture, to keep you from doing.....that.....thing."

We're silent for a verry long time before Aden says, "Wow, it's like only yesterday you were the clutzy human girl Matt stalked." we all said nothing, rembering. I was a clutz now that I think about it more...

"So... what now?" I ask. Could this really be part of Adrienne's plan?

"It's likely." Aden says, not looking at me. He stuffs his hands in his jeans pockets and his eyes open wide.

"Hey, that spell thinggie you did, where is everyone?" Aden asks. He's right. Even I forgot.

"Yeah, when are they coming?" I ask.

"When they're needed. " Matt says. He looks guilty. I wish I knew what he was thinking...

"What-" Aden gasps.

"the hell are you talking about? Dont you rember the woods when we all met the first time, and you were just learning your powers? You read minds stupid!"

"I do?" I ask, shocked.

"Yeah- first power you learned dumbass!" Aden laughs. "if Matt doesen't have Altimers, you shouldn't either!" He laughs, holding his ribs and laughing hysterically.

I dont say anything, an unexplained chill runs down my spine, making me cringe.

"What's wrong?" Izz asks.

I look down to where her head normally is, but see the lace coils of her waist.

"What on earth-?"

I look up, and not an inch shorter than me-

is Isabella.


"Are you okay Adeline?"

"W-when did you get so tall?"

She raises a brow and checks me over,

"I think you'd better sit down."

"No. Seriously- am I like, time traveling now?"

"I ask myself that every day." Aden laughs.

"What year is this?"

"Two thousand ten." Izz says, straight faced. She looks into my eyes and hers widen.

"My God, you're serious!"

"How old are you?" I ask.


"What!" I yell, making everyone jump.

"No way!"

She nods slowly. "Wow. But you were eleven yesterday..."

She laughs, an odd, older laugh. Like bells and wind chimes.

"I was eleven three years ago."

Suddenly, I forgot where I was. I felt like I was seeing everyone for the first time in years.

"Fourteen." I breathe, not believing it one bit.

"Yeah." she sighs. "time goes by."

"To hell is does!" I cry.

"i cant believe I never noticed..."

Izz sighs, plopping down next to me.

"Well, I was eight and a half when we met, ten and a half when Samantha killed me,"

I cringe at theimage of her bravery, thaking a blade for me when Sam attacked.

"then I was about thirteen when Matt changed you. I think i'm turning fifteen this year," She looks up, counting in her head. "yeah, on the nineteenth."

My jaw drops.

"I've only known you for six years?"

"Six years is a pretty long time, Adeline." Matt chuckles.

"So, i'm twenty three?!"

Aden nods.

"Yep! But until the council meets again of the first of January, you'll look like that."

"What council?" I ask.

"The Stars, that's what he means." Izz says, smiling.

"Wow, i'm so...."

"Weird?" Aden suffices.

"Forgetful?" Matt grins.

"Bitchy." Dacia smirks.

"Old!" I cry.

"Ha! I would kill to be twenty three." Matt laughs.

Everyone laughs, and i rember i'm surrounded by eighty- somethings.

"I was seventy six when we met. I'm eight three now." Jenn says, still reading her book.

I wonder what she's reading...

"You'r diary." She grins, looking up and flashing a smile, then returning to the book.

"Jenn!" I whine, "really?"

"Yeah, really. Man, you'r life sucked! No offense."

"Tons taken. My life didnt suck, it was just-"

"Lousy, busy, dramatic, boring, and tireing. I mean really Adeline, how old were you when you become an adult- six?"

I glare at Jenn, but she's already reading again.

"Why does the council meet?" I ask.

"Oh, you know," Aden sighs, grabing a chair and sitting on it backwards. "to fix our appearance, check up on star fires, issue planets, which you still have to go to..."


"Yup. Not like, solar system planets, but you know, thats what they nick-named them."

"What are they for?"

Jenn jumped up, running to her room and back in a heartbeat.

"Here, read this!" She grins.

"Everything Matt and I learned went into this book. Mary gave it to us as a birthday present."

"Okay." I say.

"Start reading!" Jenn grins.

"Have fun." Izz giggles.

"She's a goner." Matt jokes.


I sit up on top of the bed and look at the cover of the fat black book.

Moon Angels 101 was scrawled on the cover in elegant red ink.

I flipped to the first page and read it aloud;

Matthew and Jennifer Silvercrest,

My name is Mary, You have just begun your lives as Moon Angels, and I wish you the best of luck. in here you will be toke everything you need to know about your new life and what lies ahead.

Best wishes,


"Wow." I mouth, my favorite guardian was around to see Jenn and Matt as newborns!



Chapter One

Shadow Walkers- You will meet many of them throughout your life, for they are our worst enemy and are absolutely not to be trusted...



I skipped ahead a few pages until I see the heading;


Dawn Weavers- The most powerful of all Moon children, Dawn Weavers control the elements, and like dark witces, can lift the dead by will. Many sereal killers you hear of now are Dawn weavers, and i'm sure there will by some in the future as well who follow the same actions.

You have just recently returned from a brutal war, and was trained to defend, but at the M.C.S.O.P, violence is not permitted by any means.

if there is a problem involving you and any other student, consult us and we will see that it is taken care of.



What's the M.C.S.O.P? I'll ask later, i skip ahead until I reach a page that reads;


Laws all Moon Children Must follow!!!

No fighting

-Stay within the walls at all times

-No elemental or vouring violence

-no verbal, physical, mental, or emotional bullying

-if any humans are to find your identity, they must be destroyed at once to delete any future problems with the human race

"What?" I read aloud the line again, just to be sure.

"If any humans are to find your idenity, they must be destroyed at once to delete any future problems with the human race."

I stand, outraged, but sit back down and continue reading.




Alian, Delo, Helen, Lyna, p.a.w


Suddenly, the names slide around on the paper, skidding and swirling amongst themselves until a new message is formed-


Hey Adeline, wanna play



I gasp, looking up instinctavely and see her.




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