Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 10
This- is why I wouldn't like a twin right now.


It's nine forty, and i'm watching ghost adventured with Izz.

"Where did Matt and Adline go?" she asks.

"I dont know." I lie.

She yawns and leans against my shoulder.

"They're gonna come back soon, just sleep."

"I'm not tired." she lies.

"Mhm." I mumble. "well, stay here, I need air. Tell me what happens when I come back inside."

Izz nodds and lies down as I stand and walk through the door.

The air should be cold in my bare arms and legs, but I feel nothing.

"Where have you been?" I whisper angrily.

"Sorry." Adeline replies, walking past me and into the house.

"Where's Matt?" I ask. "he's on his way." she replies, closing the door behind her.

I roll my eyes and walk inside after her.


I'm reading, as I usually do at night, and hear the crunch of gravel under tires. It's three a.m. Who would be driving here this early?

I skip down the stairs, and open the front door.

"Hey Jenn-Jenn!" Adeline smiles.

"We were at Luna, sorry were so early."

Matt steps out of the car and closes his door, hugging me.

I say nothing, my mouth hanging open.


"But what?" Adeline asks, raising a brow.

"You already came home!" I cry.

"Matt wasn't with you but you-" I freeze, choking with fear and worry.

Matt sprints inside, the door smacking the wall and slamming back shut as he runs upstairs.


Adeline stares at me, wide eyed and terrified.

"That wasn't you was it?"

She shakes her head woodenly.


"She's dead, Adeline!"

"No she's not!"

She explains everything in a rush of returning tears and chokes.

"So you're telling me-that an evil revenge crazed Dawn Weaver walked right inside and I didnt even know about it?" Jenn quavered.

"It's okay, Jenn." Izz sniffled. She wasn't even touched, she caught a cold from the open window though.

"She must have heard me coming and made a run for it." Matt guessed. "she's normally quick to cover her tracks..."

"Maybe she didnt see you coming." I sufficed.

"Whats up with all this guessing? Are we not seeing a pattern here?" Izz fumed. "I mean, really! I know i'm a kid, so i should learn my place and stay out of it and keep my mouth shut, but honestly, you're blocking out the big picture! You're all so worried about the tiny details."

"What is the big picture then Izz?" I ask, cutting off Matt's scolding.

"Look at all this in order, She recruted this Sam girl from your human life, and created an army of Shadows, whick we all know she cant do since she's a Dawn Weaver. Then, she finally tossed out a clue here and there for us to find, set us up a few times, and scared the hell out of us. This whole time she's been here, just watching from a distance."

"So she sent Sam to convince Adam to kill me?" I ask, a bit confused as to how she figured all of this out.

"Uh huh. Maybe she was testing you, to see how far you'd go for Adeline."

"Which led to the attack scene at Luna Bella." Jenn continued.

"And Adeline's mother." Matt glared.

"But what about the vision? I cant have kids, what is she trying to tell me?"

There was a verrylong silence, then Aden's head snaps up.

"What if it's not from her?"


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