Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 8
Wassup Doc?



How could he have just given up like that?! I think.

I tie some tree leaves and flowers in a long chain to the back belt loop of my jeans to mask my scent. I dont want Matt to follow me, even if he knows about Fern. Why didnt she want him to know?

Damn, there are so many secrets here now, cant people just come out with it?!

I sprint away from them, knowing they cant follow, it'll take me all day, but I decide to run to where we had come from.

I trek to the east side of Romania, then at dawn take a ferry across the ocean, and into Florida.

It's been two days, I ran through Florida, flying through the northern terrain, and soon I was home in Virginia.

I stop at the border of Alexandria and the nabouring county.

No one knew I was even alive now, Mom and Dad were told I had died in a car accident, Jacob was ordered to keep his mouth shut, which i'm sure he did. Everyone in the town had fallen gray at my leaving.

"Poor Addy." they cried. "Did you hear what happened to the Vinalese girl?" Students asked, my old friends from school buzzed, dramatic yet upset. I take a breath and walk inside.

Immediantly people stop to look at me.

"Are you-" they begin, then shake their heads and smile "nevermind"

I walk with my head down, hands in pockets, avoiding as many people as possible.

I walk into the mini Spencers near my house and stand in front of the counter.

"I need contacts, brown ones please."

The girl, Amy, stares blankly, then hands them over. I place the money on the counter and turn to leave.


I rember when I had gone over there with my old friends, laughing and drinking slushees. Hopefully she didnt recodnize me.

I know what's happened when I reach my house. The empty, feeling surrounding the place like a dead aura.

And thats exactly what had happened. Death.

I walked inside, the furnature was still here, as it was when I left, it still smelled like the cranberry muffins mom made every monday morning. And floor cleaner too, I smile to myself, rembering her odd cleaning habbits. I really miss her. I walk through the kitchen and smell something odd, not like a bad muffin, but a perfume kind of smell. I turn towards the fridge and see a sticky note taped to the door.

"Went out, 1 of Adeline's school friends told me about an accident. BRB i'll txt u if anything else comes up.- mom"

"oh, no." I shake, barely able to peel the note from the fridge. I see something when I touch it, something so terrible I colapse and land on the cold, wet floor.

"A-Adrienne, she killed her!" I cant help crying out loud, as if she were here to comfort me.

"no no no..." I curl into a ball and cry, mt skin soaking in the smell of bleach and cranberry muffins.



"W-where is she?" I ask.

"Please, Mrs.Vinalese. Stay still you need your rest. There was no accident, only yours."

"B-but the girl..."

"Shh. Go to sleep."

"My baby..."









"Unghh." I sigh, shaking my head and forcing myself to look up at the familiar voice.


She smiles sweetly with those big brown eyes.

"I love you, mom."

"Oh, I love you too, baby."

"You'll always be my mom, and nothing's gonna happen."

"I know. I'm fine." I cant help lying to her, although she's old enough to know i'm lying to her.

She chuckles a bit.

"I have to go soon so you can sleep. I'll be there when you come home."

She kisses the top of my head and I smooth over her cheeks, the light freckles that dot her perfect face.

"I rember calling you Strayberry Shortcake as a baby." I say.

"And dad hated it." she laughs.

"Oh, I wish you were a baby again, then I could hold you every day like I used to. I miss that."

Her eyes are distant, but she still smiles. She's thinking of something that's hurting her on the inside, I can tell.

"I have to go now, think of all the things we did together, all the happy things, all the cakes I destroyed and messes I made, the pictures I drew for you that you still have in a big box under the bed. I'll see you really soon, I promise."

I smile, rembering, and close my eyes.

"I love you Adeline."

"Love you too mom."




She walks away slowly, careful not to wake her.

"She's not going to see you at home." I whisper sadly once were outside.

"I know." she murmers, and turns to leave.


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