Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 7
She's a bitch, she's a lover. Now a child, never a mother


They're talking about me I know it. Was it wrong to have my mind so focused on her? The evil one, she ruined and destroyed lives, including mine. But this one, she was different.

Her aura was pure, she never had bad intentions, always willing to take responsibility. She was thankfull, for the rain that ruined her perfect day, the snow that newrly gave her frostbite, for the bully who hurt her in so many ways.....

They taught her how to learn, to forgive and trust. With every mistake she learned something in return. She was the fog that clung to the window like children on the legs of a parent, returning home from war. She was refreshing and sweet, everything she touched sparkled and glisened like diamonds.

She was undemanding. Perfectly fair in every way and full of life and acceptance. She was blind, everyone was the same, everyone had feelings and emotions, everyone was capable of loving, mean, torn, or bruised. As I rember her saying to Matthew; "there's no place better to scatter diamonds then the grass. Then maybe it will feel appreated too, just like everyone diserves to be."

he did not understand, but I know he will with time,

I do, however. And I pray she is right. The world needs more people like Adeline Vinalese. She doesen't see the world as a piece of land to buy or own, but a new begining, a chance to do whats right and fix our wrongs, something we dont diserve.

I smile to myself and hear a low rustling noise. I stand with a start and prepare for what might be the worst.

"It's only me." a female voice says sweetly.

Oh, no.

"I've gotten myself a host body. Do you like it?"

I stare blankly at her, spinning around in her new body, the one of a girl about fourteen or fifteen, with black leggings and a long blue blouse with grey flowers. She looks at me with bright red eyes, whick I can tell used to be brown. She pulls out her blue rose headband to reajust it and flicks waist length hair behind her.

"Nice huh?"

"H-how'd you?"

"Ah, I see you've found out where they live, thank you."

"No! this isn't where they live..."

"Oh, really?" she smirls, her new freckled cheeks softening to a rosy pink.

"I've already gotten their scent. I dont need you. Traitor."

"Why did you do it anyway?"

She freezes and turns, she looks about ready to cry.

"I saw her. I wouldn't allow it."


She glares at the name, not looking at me. She turns completely and stares at the ground.

"The baby."

She stands in a flash. "I dont need to explain anything to you!"

It's impossible to be intamidated by her now, "I'm not afraid of you, Adrienne."

"Yes you are. Admit it."

"I could, but it'd be lying."

She fumes, turning red.

I need to tell Matthew and Adeline. Adrienne's back, and alive.



"Oh, no."

"What?!" Adeline presses.

"Adrienne, she's alive, but she had a new host body, outside this world, its a human girl."

Silence once again burrows into all of our throats, allowing no sounds to escape.

"Do we fight?" I ask.

"Adrienne's taken on full blown Nazi attacks, Moon Angel riots, and an all out every species versus her war. She's a tough cookie."

Matt confesses.

I cant help being afraid too, maybe she's just unbeatable. Even i'm afraid of the Nazi's, just the thought makes me shiver. I've never been able to sit through a World War Two documentary without crying five seconds into it.

"So, what. Give up? Why wouldn't she stay here?" I ask, mointing to my chest.

"I'm not sure, she's always the hardest to read." Matt sighs. "I dont know."

I stand in front of him and push on his chest.

"Matthew Silvercrest, dont you say that. There's always a way to fix things. I'm sure you didn't think you'd make it back after you were killed, i'm sure you'd never see your sister again, and i'm sure as hell you thought Hitler would never stop, that he had all the power and he couldn't be stopped. But he did, because people believed he wasn't as hard as he made himself seem."

He looks up at me with sad eyes and stares, for a moment, there's nothing there. Just an empty pair of sad, grey eyes.

He's lost all hope, they all have.

"Adeline-" he stopps and shakes his head. "just dont, please. You'll get yourself hurt doing stupid things like that. She cant be stopped."



She stares, just.....stares. She looks down at me with sad, robins egg eyes.

"I thought I knew you better." she begins. "of all the things you've taken on. The pain you've gone through, and you give up because of one person."

I say nothing, just stare at the ground in silence.

"You're not afraid of her. You're afraid of what she's done. She had no problem blowing up everything and killing you. You're scared because she's me."

Now I look up, but she's already gone.



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