Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 6
What's the story morning Glory?


I stared at him, staring into open space. The scenes flew past his eyes like a movie screen. He knew his littlest sister would never come back, he'd never see her grow up, never see her wedding. She was frozen.

"Matt." I whisper, hugging his shoulders and welcoming him back to this world.

He blinks a few times, then looks aver at me. "S-sorry."

"It's okay You needed to talk to someone about this. So you did." I smile sweetly and stand in front of him.


He stands too, my hand still coiled around his, we're pressed together, because he's at the bed frame, and i'm not moving. We stare at eachother for a bit. Then I move out of his way.

He doesen't move though.

"I want to take you somewhere."


That day, we ran to the other side of Romania. The moss was cool on my bare feet, I had flats on earlier, but I feared they'd wear out, so I went barefoot. Whenever /i stretched my arms out, I could feel the soft, cold, wet grass whiping at my fingers. I ran beside Matt, who peered ahead pointedly. I weaved between trees and big rocks, but stayed in his sight range, once I had come into the path of a large pond at the bottom of a waterfall. I jumped across, as if I were flying, the sun hit my face warmly and the bitter October wind toyed with my hair, whiping it around me furiously. I saw the earth returning to me, and stratched my legs out, landong perfectly on the tall grass.

"How much further?" I ask him, weaving between another bunch of trees.

"No much farther now." He responds.

Finally, we stop and walk at normal human speed, I let the tall grass slide bewteen my toes, cool and fresh. The smell of pine trees, rain, and grass wafts through the air around us.

"It's beautiful out here." I swoon.

"Yeah, nice to see all the trees and flowers grew back."

"Uh huh." I notice tiny dots of multicolored flowers and buds here and there. I cant imagine a more beautiful forest.

"I thought I saw you coming here." Someone sighs.

I turn with Matt, who's instintivly jumped in front of me.


"How'd you get here?!" I ask, moving next to Matt.

"I had a vision about you two, as well as a few other places."

"So you decided to come over?" Matt asks suspiciously.

"They're waiting here, everywhere. It's not safe."

"Your the last to talk abput safety." Matt hisses.

"What Adam did has noting to do with me, I had no idea he was going to." she looks down sadly.

"I'm fine now, Matt. And she's right, she wouldnt've warned you if she knew it would happen."

Matt flashes a wicked glare at Alex, then calms.

"Fine. What do you want."

"I dont want anything." she sighs, looking around us. "I had a vision-"

"You got to that part." Matt hissed, cutting her off.

"Yes, as I was saying... I had a vision of one of Adrienne's old coven members, she's good though. She found out what she did to you and freaked out. If it werent for her, she might still be alive in her own body. I know she's taken over you, well, almost. And I saw you with a baby. What's up with that?!" her eyes opened wide and she slouched in disbelief.

"I knew you were in a serious relationship, but not that serious!"

she winces in overly dramatic shock.

"Givin' me an awesome mental picture."

"Do you know anything about it?"

"Wait- you dont? so you werent fang banged?!"

"Fang banged?"

"Long story." Matt shrugs. "Tell be about the Dawn Weaver."

"Her name is Fern. She's really nice, suprisingly. She's a psych. Adrienne took her from her family when she was little. She walked in on you and Adeline while looking for her, she raced back and killed her while she had her guard down." Alex took a seat on the fallen tree she had been standing on and folded her hands.

"I still cant believe he'd do that." she stared blankly at the ground, too ashamed to move anymore.

"He was blackmailed." I say, hoping to lighten the burden of her brother's doing.

"Even so. He'd at least tell Matt. It's not like him. How could he?"


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