Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 31
Love Your Kids - Robin


My only daughter looked at me
The day I came back home
Her little eyes latched on and knew
I felt it in my bones
Perception is a wondrous thing
Especially for a male,
To know your daughter sees through you
Is way beyond the pale.
She came to me for holidays
From Aussie’s savage sun,
She skied the slopes and rode the nags
And river rafted some.
She helped out in the kitchen
And made the punters beds
And all the while that kid shot up
And grew those long, long legs.
The last time that I saw her
Was just a year ago,
She came & spent some time with us
At Christmas time or so.
She went out with the boys at night
And shared a few cold beers,
They called her Siss and held her hand
It quite moved me to tears.
Rob & Janet get along
I’m very pleased to say
They chat away like magpies
And shop away the day.
My darling Janet’s quite a girl
She makes it plain to be
That this old house became a home
So loving, warm & free
In Oz Rob’s got a major task
Which keeps her on the move
She supervises problem kids
And errant families too.
She takes it all quite seriously
That darling girl of mine
It leaves her quite exhausted
And it takes up all her time.
And when she left to fly back home
The family came on down
To give her lots of smoochy hugs
And gathered all around
To wish her all the very best
And make her promise too
To hurry back to old NZ
‘Cos we love you Rob, we do.
Mangere Bridge
18 January 2008


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