Monster High
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 3
The Fear Squad



She was easier than the others, quieter and lighter. I felt bad though, sending another wolf down to get her. I caould hear her cries for help, her wild sobbing.

We slipped her into the oversized bag, she rolled, but slept still. Then we all braced to lift her up.

"One." Sam whispers.

"Two," Kristen whispers, holding her breath to keep her fangs away.

"Three." I say.

We all lift her up and jump from the window. She slips from Kristen's hands, and Sam throws his arms out, causing the bag to glow bright blue and float in the air.

We run to the school silently and quietly. Hoping she doesen't wake up.




What in the hell?

The bag thing i'm in shakes a bit, then falls, then its caught in an odd way, as it it was never touched, floating if even. I'm a bit afraid to move, what's going on?!

"Dont wake her!" I hear someone whisper, a light, boy voice, no younger than me.

"Shh!" Another says. "she's already awake."

I can tell the second voice is a bit dissapointed.

I'm set down somewhere, and the bag is unzipped.

"Hiya!" A girl calls, running towards us.

"Got a new one?" she eyes me with an odd, hungry edge in her eyes.

"No, Draculara. She's one of us now." (I couldn't think of any other nae. lemmie kno if u hav any ideas!)

"A vamp? please, she's just another blood bag by the looks of her."

I cant help glaring, I stand and dust myself off.

"Where am I?" I ask.

"If he told you we'd have to kill you." The girl grins, leaning on the boy with the dark hair.


"Which Mountian." The other blonde boy replies with a smirk. "Monster High, where else?"

"Wait, like...The cartoon, Monster High?!"

Everyone falls silent, eyes o me asif I have two heads.


"Umm. I'm not sure what you're talking about." the girl says, raising a brow.

"Oh, gosh. Are these kids bothering you?" Asks a woman holding her head in her hands. Literally.


"I'm head mistress Bathory. Nice to meet you."


the others stifle a laugh, but soon hush themselves.

"I asume you're Emili? The new werewolf student?"


"Yes, arent you the girl from Lackland?"

"Y-yeah, but..."

"Who was attacked by that big dog?"

"Yes, but-"

"And you're name is Emili Wood?"

"Yes, but I-"

"Then you're the new werewolf student."

I say nothing.

"Alright then." She smiles, realizing I have no further comment.

"Lets show you around."


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