Monster High
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 2
Oh, dear God. Why me?



Emili walks into the back door, all Rebecca's managed  to blubber out in her fit of wild tears is that she's been attacked by a werewolf.

"It was!"

"They're not real, it must have been a dog or something." I take a bit to consider, but then banish the thought.

"Where have you-" I turn around and see her taking off her muddy shoes, a large chunk of skin missing from her arm, dried blood stuck everywhere on her body.

"I'm going to shower."


She turns to me from under the doorway, "Yeah?"

"T-take a quick shower please. We nee to hurry to the hospital."

"Okay." she acts as if this is not a poblem at all, like there's nothing wrong.




I walked into the waiting room, and was quickle pushed and rushed into the E.R.

I walked straight faced, the attack left me feeling tired, fatigue washed over me like a cloud, unmoving and still.

I got stitches, and after that, we went home. I got gauze around it and a tetnis shot of course, which by the way hurt like hell.

I climb into bed and pull the sheets over me, my fatigue finally pushing my body to it's limit. Conciousness bives way, and I fall asleep.



I'm awoken by the sound of my window opening, and the grinding noise of the metal rings sliding across my curtian rods.

I sigh, rolling over in my bed.

I can hear a light hush, then nothing, silence. I'm being moved around, losled and rocked in my bed.


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