Monster High
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 1

"EAGHHHHHHHHHH!" I scream, holding my wrist and twitching on the forest floor in agony. "Stop! Make it stop!"

Unless you have super powers, you have no idea whaats going on, so let me start from the begining.


I was walking down the woodsy paths with my annoying baby sister. I roll my eyes and restrain myself from poping her head like a zit.


"If you dont-stop-with that stupid song!-"

She takes out her ear buds and looks at me with sad brown eyes.

"But I like it."

"Sing it in your head then!" I snap.


She puts them back in, and I keep walking.

"Emili!" she screams.

"What, Rebecca-" I turn and see she has her back to me, her iPod on the ground, where it belongs.

There's a low grumbling noise, and she runs to me.

"Woah..." my eyes widen at the horse sized dog. "That's not a dog."

And it wasn't.

It moved closer, so I chucked a rock blindly at it.

With a thunk, it hit the creature in the head and dropped to the floor.


She takes off, and i'm left alone here. Just me and the dog.


It growls at me again, and now I know he's forgotten all about my sister, it wants me.


It jumps at me and I scream, an instant reaction for me. It hauls me to the ground and  snaps its jaws wildly in my face. I hold it back, pushing it's cheeks away with my blue manicured nails.

"Someone- Help me!"



Still nothing. Damn it.

It snaps wildly, then turns its head to the side and takes a chunk from my wrist.

I cry in pure agony, forgetting about the Whatever it is, I kick it in the jaw when it backs away.

I curl in on myself and scream, the only thing I know how to do.

No one comes for me, no one can hear me. No one cares.

After the day starts to slow and twilight dawns and pierced sthe skies, making them bleed red just as I have, my screaming slows to a wild sob, sniffling and choking on my own tears.

For the millionth time in my life,  i'm hurt, and i'm alone


So I thought.

The fire in my arm slowed and soon I sat up, wiping at the ears, the animal had wandered off, and the bite mark had faded almost completely. Well, aside from the chunk missing.  It was dark by now, and the forest was silent. I stood silently, and without really thinking about it, walked to a lake where some people were fishing.



This was the fifteenth birthday of my son, Kyle.

We sat silently and watched the sun set over the still water.

"Dad what's that?" Kyle asks, dropping his pole and pointing to the other side of the lake.

A tall girl, about his age, sulked towards the edge  of the lake and stuck her hands in. Her rehair was messy, tattered, and coated in dirt and grass. Her clothes were riped and bloody, her face expressionless.

She caught us staring and raised her chin, the teen way of saying hi, I guess. that's what Kyle did too.

We watched in complete awe as she then walked back into the the woods and dippapeared.



I shook the acces water from my hands, then wiped them on ly jeans, cut and bloody. I took what was left of the water and wiped my face clean of blood. I swat away the annoying nats that buz around me, and follow the familiar trail home.



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