Kid Island
Author: Colleen Miller

Chapter 9
The Truth

Katherine flashed us back to Kid Island where we all stood in silence fir a few seconds. Nate finally got up the courage to speak.

“Katherine…what on earth is going on? I want the entire story not just the third challenge, all of it.”

We all turned to Katherine who, for a second, didn’t say a word. She sighed heavily and then started.

“It all started about two hundred years ago, when the Untied States of America was becoming a country. You never knew who to trust those days, that’s why so many secret societies were made. But you don’t think kids wanted to make a society? That’s how Kid Island came about. The Kids had three main duties as part of the society; help other kids in need, spread joy during the war, and to fight for what they believed in. The society is usually needed during wars and we haven’t used Kid Island since World War Two. Until now.”

I stared blankly at the screen trying to figure out what she was getting at. We had to go help poor kids? Ok… but that didn’t explain the challenges in the slightest bit…

“We need your help” Katherine continued “Well…after other countries saw that we had a secret society for children, they wanted one too. Then...Well…we’ve been challenged. Other countries want to prove that their children are smarter, are better at battling. They want them to rule the country. That’s where you come in. All the countries have decided to pick four children to be in the battle. That’s why I was challenging you, to see if you could make it. And well…the reason the ice cracked under Molly and not under Josh was...I rigged it. The Blue Pacific would last longer in battle then The Blue Atlantic.”

Thoughts flooded through my mind and confusion wasn’t far behind.

“That doesn’t explain one thing” Said Nathalie “Why do you appear on a TV screen?”

Katherine laughed, “Because I’m at Kid Island head quarters, where I can send you wherever I may want in the world.”

I felt a piece of paper being shoved in the palm of my hand. I knew Katherine wasn’t supposed to see it so I clenched it in my fist.

“Well” Said Nate “We’re going to be late for dinner, I guess we’ll see you tomorrow, Katherine.”

They left us standing alone next to Katherine’s screen I awkwardly said

“Us too… but since the different time zones we actually have to go to bed.” Which was a complete lie, it was on 8:00 but anything to get out of there.

We ran out of Kid Island and back into my bedroom. I unclenched my fist and looked at the paper it said:

Nate-27 Meet me online

I quickly logged onto the computer and pulled up aim.

Melis*25- Hello? Are you there?

Nate27-Yeah I’m here.

Melis*25-Cool, so what’s up?

Nate27- We have 2 stop her

Melis*25- Who? Katherine?

Nate27-Yeah! I thought Kid Island was just for fun I don’t want to fight some kid.

Melis*25- Good point, but how?

Nate27-Already got that worked out.

Ten minutes later, the eight of us are back on Kid Island, plan ready for action. Katherine’s TV screen came on.

“What are you kids doing here? I thought you had to go home!”

“Oh, we had some unfinished business to do” Said Tim.

Nate and I were positioned in back of the TV ready to pull the plug on this nonsense. We both took hold of the giant plug.

“On three” Nate said “One, Two-“

“Think wisely” Katherine said “You really don’t want to do that.”

“Three!” Nate yelled as he did I pulled as hard as I could until the plug came out.

“We did it!” I exclaimed

We celebrated with a round of hot chocolate (Molly was still thawing) until we realized that our parents had no idea where we were.

Nick went over to the door and tugged on the handle. “It won’t open.” He said.

“That’s because you’re a weak little boy” I said reaching for the handle, locked.

I looked over at the other side of the room, the California entrance was too.

We were locked in Kid Island.



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