Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 27
To My Darling Janet

To My Darling Janet


This little family poem lives on the back of the dunny door in our home.

Sausage rolls & bacon cooking
Cuppa’s up, (Your so good looking);
Washings dry.. It’s Solly’s fooking
Turn To bring it in.
Hollie’s yowling at the door
For food that cometh evermore,
I dunno why you feed her
Cos she’l always ask for more..
& more.

The boys race out,
The boys race in.
Perpetually they raise a din
And raid the fridge & bickie tin
Of all the goodies kept within.

Old Gumtree & his crew yahoo                                                                                         Locked in his bedroom, with a brew.
Testosterone & loudness too
Compete with thumping rhythm do.

From work I’m done, I bitch & moan
About the deadbeat on the phone,
I stink & fart and burp in tone,
And generate unrest at home.
Unknowingly I cause a strain.
Unthinkingly, become a pain.

The floor’s a mess,
The bed’s unmade.
The bills are mounting up.. Unpaid!
You ask yourself..
“Was this displayed “..
When then, I said .. I do ?

You tidy up the messy ends
Organise and straighten bends,
You kick the bums & pull the ears,
Blow his nose & wipe his tears.
Immortally.. You make things right,
You render daylight into night.

And with the close of evenings glow,
You settle in to watch your show,
It’s Coro Street & it’s all go.
Another day survived ..Ho ho!
And as you climb into your bed
You count your blessings in your head;
For secretly your heart knows too..
That no one loves you like we do.

From your boys..
Boaz, Solomon & Marshal



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