The Mailbox along the Road
Author: Kalzie Swift

Chapter 0
Author's Note

Hello everyone,


Every so often I'll update this note with my latest ponderings about 'The Mailbox along the Road'. First of all I'd like to say thank you for reading 'The Mailbox along the Road', it means alot to me and your comments make the experience even more rewarding. Also, if you have any questions about absolutely anything please don't hesitate to send me a message and I'll reply as soon as possible. To begin writing this author's note I'll post a few questions that you may be curious about and there weirdly wonderful answers.


What gave you the idea for The Mailbox along the Road?


Well, when I was on holiday not too long ago I had an interesting dream that featured two boys on run from the law. These characters two later morphed into Rankin and Cameron my much loved mains. Rankin at the beginning was a very rough character with not much of a personality, apart from the idea that I wanted to make him a mad genius. Someone I could have a lot of fun with, placing him in different situations and seeing how he copes. Luckily my friend then introduced me to Sherlock Holmes and Rankin moulded around him, becoming one of the most entertaining characters to write about I've ever had.


Where did Rankin's name come from?


Funny story really, if you live in Scotland you may have a rough idea where the name's come from. First of all, I fell in love with unusual names and wanted to name my character something not many people are called. I then realised a simple way to do this would be to use a surname and after many hours of research I found nothing. If your from Scotland you may have heard of a writer called Ian Rankin, author of the famous 'Rebus' series. This was where Rankin's name came from, a completely unfunny joke.


Can I be in The Mailbox along the Road?


Sure, I'm always looking for character names and personalities if you want to be included in the book all the have to do is send me a quick message with your name, personality and if you want your character to be good or evil. I'd be happy to include you in the book!


Can I please give a big shout out to all my friends espically Jojo who seemed to always have some awkward situation to put Rankin and Cameron into. Love you Jojo, please keep them coming and to Rebecca for reminding me to lay a line between Sherlock and Rankin.


Lots of love to all my readers out there,


Kalzie Swift x


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