Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 95
Au Revoir my Oldest Son



































Au revoir my oldest son
Across the world you go
To places not so friendly
To people you don't know.
You take our banner with you
Please wear it like a flag
Give 'em a taste of Kiwi
And you'll make my old heart glad.
There's a special pride in knowing
You're good at what you do
And a warmth in the feeling
Of trustworthy-ness in you.
You've got strength in your makeup
And character to burn
I'm going to watch with interest
As you travel far and learn.
But the world is an intimidating,
Big and frightening place
Where pitfalls await 
An unworldly, fellow's grace
Where dragons lurk and hide
In darkened caves of Zen
And false promises kill and maim
Some good and trusting men.
Where sirens sing the siren song
Of the golden "V's" allure
And luscious blonde's may put you wrong.
And leave you in manure.
The upside is expand your mind,
Inhale the beauty all around
Look to find amazing things,
Amazing subjects to expound
Appreciate the golden days
Meet good people, make good friends.
...And savour it and store it
And ensure it never ends.
Au revoir my oldest son
Remember when you're done,
Come home to Kiwi shores
To see your special loving mum
Because every moment you're away
She'll be counting down the time
Until you're home safe and sound
In Godzone, land of thine.
Bon Voyage Boaz!
Love from your Dad
@the Gate
Mangere Bridge
11th February 2009


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