The Mailbox along the Road
Author: Kalzie Swift

Chapter 4
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Outside the café on the busy street the temperature in the air had dropped dramatically although Rankin didn't seem to notice as normal he was dressed in his normal black duffel coat and scarf. No matter how hot or cold it was, this was always his choice of outdoor wear. Cameron on the other hand was wrapping the leather jacket he'd grabbed from the hanger on the way out close to him, trying to capture some body heat. The two were silent until they had turned onto a quiet street, everything Rankin seemed to do had to be secret, he liked to work in the shadows, he believed things were easier that way.

“I wonder what made the weather change so quickly?” Cameron begun the conversation, rubbing his hands together as if trying to light a fire. Although Rankin didn't seem to notice Cameron speaking and began his own topic, a more important topic.

“You didn't notice the newspaper did you?” Rankin's monotone voice asked him, his eyes still glued to the pavement ahead of them.

“No, I didn't, why should I?” Cameron asked, knowing Rankin would have an answer. He followed Rankin's line of gaze to the front door of their house. There they stopped and Rankin continued leaning against the wood of the door.

“Why did you think I threw it down? It was to get your attention without mentioning the words on the page, nobody else would find it unusual apart from you and because your so interested in her, it makes it my responsibility too,” Rankin's voice was fluent with no pauses until Cameron held up his hand to stop him.

“Slow down, who are we talking about here?” Cameron asked, looking at Rankin suspiciously although his expression gave away no clues.

“Rebecca Conley or how she is now known, Annabel,” Cameron tried to laugh it off, trying to pretend It was a joke rather than serious although he knew Rankin didn't joke.

“That's not my Annabel Walker, Rebecca Conley is like a physio she's on the run from the police for killing her husband, I think you've finally lost it Rankin, anyway why are you suddenly getting interested in what the police at doing? Don't you basically despise them?” Rankin raised an eyebrow, trying to question him.

“Oh, so you've heard this story before?” Rankin asked, treating him as a pupil rather than a friend, sighing he realised he'd have to explain the whole situation to him, “OK, so let's say the police are after you, what would you do?”

“You'd change your name,” Cameron looked up to the sky as he thought.

“Correct, what else?” Rankin cleared his throat but Cameron didn't get the hint.

“Make up a whole new life for yourself, new home, new friends,” Cameron listed on his fingers before stopping, realising something, “oh no, you're wrong. Annabel is not Rebecca, your just saying this because your afraid.”

“Afraid of what?” Rankin asked, unlocking the door with his key and opening it slightly, waiting for Cameron's reply before going inside.

“Afraid of me wanting to have a life and moving in with her leaving you by yourself,” Cameron concluded his report with a smirk but Rankin only went quiet in shock with what he said. He thought over the possibility of Cameron leaving but for once didn't say anything.

“Well, let's just hope your not next on her list,” he went in himself, not bothering about Cameron and slammed the door noisily behind him.



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