The Unthinkable Has Occurred
Author: Brianna

Chapter 12
Well Thanks For Leaving Me After Dropping That Bomb

--Bethany's POV--

"Okay guys. I'll see you tomorrow!" I say as I pick up my stuff to get off the bus.

"Later Beth!"

"See ya girlie!"

Stepping down of the last step of the bus, I look up at my house to see my Mom and Dad running out the front door. Why the heck is Dad home so early? He told me this morning that he was going to work late. Maybe Dylan got in trouble again for fighting that kid on the playground? But as I get closer, I see that Mom is crying and Dad looks just plain worried. I run up to them.

"MOM! DAD! What happened? Why are you crying?" I ask.

"Oh crap....Bethy dear I forgot you were coming home!" Mom says.

"Mom. What happened?" I ask again.

She bursts into tears. "The high school."

"Mom. What happened at the high school? Is it Austin? Cara? Did someone get in trouble or something?" Even as I ask it, I know that if it was as simple as getting in trouble, my parents wouldn't be acting like this.

"Oh god....Beth. There was a kid with a gun at the high school. We don't know what happened! We just got a phone call...," Mom manages to choke out. "We'll be back, you're in charge. Take care of Dyl and Eth when they get off the bus. I'll call you," She kisses me on the cheek, gets into the car with Dad and they speed off, leaving me speechless in the driveway.



My siblings.

Oh my god.


Deep breath.

They're fine. I'm sure they are fine.

They have to be fine.



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