Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 4

"The dawn of your next incarnation is arriving sooner than expected." Lilah sighs.

"Tis' true, Adriene." Fern babled, afraid as usual since I scared her.

"Pay no matter. A great war of the world as dawning as well as my second life's end. The Dawn Weavers will thrive, even when i'm not here..."

"How are you so sure you'll even be reincarnated?" Fern pressed.

"I was told, by a prophet, wise, and of the upmost power and knowlege of this event. I have Matthew wrapped around my finger." I grin, standing and poushing aside the laced curls of my dress.

"I, will, find a way to get rid of him."

"Even if the cost is your very life?" Lilah responds. She is the smatrest Dawn Weaver I know, with many untold powers and secrets, but she valued her life too much to deal with me...

Fern's head snapps up in shock, sending her long brown hair sprawling as her eyes glow.

"Ahh." I smile, gliding from my chair and to ground level with the servants surrounding me.

"A new preminition?"

"A new warrior brings peace to a land once filled with darkness. None can withstand her, or the power she has recieved. Yet, only she is unaware. None can defeat her, not even you. Only sacrifice of others can destroy ones self being."


Lilah stared in awe at Fern, then back to me...

"Your incarnation. Is more powerful then you ever will be, by the name of, Adeline."

I can prectically feel the blood boiling in my scull.

"I will kill Matthew and the Silvercrests as well. As for you!" I demand, pointing directly at Fern and Lilah.

"Dont rest until she is dead."

Days later I studdy the name of origin in my study.

"Ah, here it is. Adeline. Old German for noble. Hmm." I had been tought that every name is a status symbol of your strength. My name was Latin and meaning "From Hadria" A very powerful part of northern Italy with strong history. Which olny made sense since her last name was to be Vinalese.

"They are arriving soon." Lilah shouts, then running down the trail of hidden trees and into the clearing.

"Adriene?" I hear Matthew yell.

I grin, preparing myself for what's to come and in a flash, appear outside.


"Adriene! Where were you?!"

"I was-"

"EAHHHHHHH! MATTHEW HELP MEEEEEEE!" someone cries, a small child like shriek of pure pain and tourture.

The smell of burning wood and the sting of oil hits the air, causing Matthew to turn in a flash and run off towards the house.

"I dont think so." I spit, raising my hand and making him face me.

His eyes widen in fear, knowing now that he cant move.

I intense my power, making his limbs squeze together in a way nearly impossible. His eyes water as a loud snap echoes from his arms.

I drop him onto the florest floor, his already broken legs cracking once more.

"W-w-why?" He beggs, still crying.

"Hah! I dont have to answer to you. Petty human, you were actually dumb enough to believe me? She's burning in there you know. Anabel. She's ten feet away from the door where you pushed her in, the tunnel's too big to climb back up. Her dress is too long, she's slipping. Farther down into the fire. She's trying to hold herself steady, but the metal is burning her hands, she cant hold much longer...."

I lok down at him. He squezes his eyes shut as another scream rips through the woods.

"Ahh. Beautiful isn't it?"

"Go to hell." He glares.

"Fine. Meet you there." I smile.

Somewhere in the distance, i can hear her, Adeline. Her hurried footsteps thudding on the damp moss.

I turn and begin to walk away, leaning on a tree where only he could see me.

Three soldiers are coming, two become sidetracked. I can see them from here. (Awesome vision!)

One hears Matthew's whimper, hished, but not quiet enough.

He runs over and sees him, then grins evily. He walks over smoothly.

"Hello there." He sighs in bad english.

Matthew breathes hard, holding back tears. He knows what's coming.

The soldier raises his gun, smoothly lifting it from it's holister.


Two shots, both to the stomach. Insuring he'll die slowly and painfully.

I make myself invisible, then walk to him and whisper in his ear.

"Your girlfriend's coming. Make the best of it. We're far from done here."

I stand as Adeline meets us, breathless and terrified. She runs to him, the soldier leaves, passing right through her.

"No,no, no..." She cries.

"A-Adeline, they'll come back. They're coming..." Matthew chokes.



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