Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 3

"What do we have to prepare for?" I ask, following him deeper into his room until I hsve him cornered in. He either was to turn and face me, or jump from the three story window in front of every human outside.

"How long have you had a house in the U.S?" I ask again.

"Why are you avoiding me? Did I do something wrong?"

He turns with a sad, procrasinating look in his eyes.

"The tutors. They test you and see if you have the reaction, common sense, and stability to be what you are."

"And if i dont?"

"They kill you..."

"WHAT?! they're called "tutors" arent they supposed to teach you?!"

"Not these ones..."

"Does Izz know? What the risk is?"

"No. She doesent know they exist."

"How could you do that? Her life is at risk, mine is too. Do you even care anymore?"

He almost glares at me, but then calms himself.

"They'll know if I tell you. You have to be completely unaware or they'll kill both of you. Me telling you just now has already crossed the line."

"Then what? Life goes back to normal right?"

He chuckles a bit, then catches a glimpse of my glare and stops. "Our life will never be normal. They wont stop until the've killed you-"

"Or we kill them." I finish.

"Pfft, please, Adeline. I died killing one. What makes you think one small coven of Moon Angels can kill six more? Plus the army of new ones they've buily up."

I look at the floor, thinking.

"When you first told me agout the Moon Angels, you didn't say Moon Angel, you said Moon Angels. As in, there's more than one coven."

His eyes open wide, he opens his mouth to protest, but closes it.

"And the only real enimy of Mon Angels are the Shadow Walkers."

"Uh huh. And?" He crosses his arms.

"All Moon Angels hate them, so why dont we get all of them together and fight?"

His eyes searched mine, and for once, he looked like an adult, not the young kid he used to be.

"Maybe, I'm not sure..."

"You're all telekenitacally linked, just send a mental memo or something."

"I dont know how many of us are out there, well, how many they havent killed yet."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, while we were in the U.S, Jenn, Simon, and some of the other Moon Angels where fighting the new shadows, not all of them made it."

I look down at my feet and try to list whats going on here...

"Alright, Simon's coming here, new Shadows are being made as we speak to end our race, and you lied to me again! Come on Matt! You act like I cant take anything, i'm not a kid!"

"Fine!" He yells, really angry now.

"You wanna know what happened? FINE! You die every time, because you cant handle what comes at you. You get scared, you leave, you're caught, you die, you run away, you get hurt, you die, you panic, you dont trust me, every time. You. Die." He struggles to breathe under the painful memories and pressure of having to say them out loud.

"You dont know what it's like. To finally think you've found the one person you can love, and have them killed, in front of you, and you cant do anything about it. Do you know how hard it is to stay sane?! The only thing stopping me from going into suisidal mode was the fact that I knew you'd come back."

H e sits on the floor under his window, face in his hands.

I sit down in front of him and look, just look.

"Matthew Silvercrest." I begin, raising my right hand.

"I promise to love you forever. I promise not to leave you in and way, shape or form besides the bathroom. And if I ever find a way to love you more than I already do, you'll be the first to know."

He peers at my from over his arms, searching my eyes. He reminded me of a small child, begging almost...

"If only that was true." He whispers.

I open my mouth to stop the thought from reaching him completely when Jenn comes inside.

"Simon's here. You'r friend too, Adeline."

I look back at Matt, but he's already gone. I wondered what he meant by that...


Lauren didn't gawk at a lot of boys, they had to hit every point on her "A+" List for the thought to cross her mind. She was too smart to waste her time on something that'd never work.

Boy did she like Simon...

I'd never met him before, but Jenn has, thats all I knew. He was tall, about Matt's height, with caramel colored hair and bright blue eyes. They didnt look natural though, under the hazy winter blue, something else was bubling, a rosy, bloody shaded of red.

I jump, clinging to Matt's arm like a scalded cat.

"It's okay!" Simon blurts, raising his hands almost to show he didnt have any weapons.

"He was turned by a Shadow, but he escaped the quarter and met us." Jenn explains.

Oh, Lauren seemed just as shocked as I was.

"Did you know Sam?" she asked randomly.

"Samantha Hacher?" He asked, wide eyed. "Yes, I met her. She was terrifing, a really good fighter might I add."

"She used to be my friend, before I met Jenn and Matt." I inject.

'He gapes at me in pure amazement. "Shut up."

"Really..." I nodd, not really understanding how that's cool.

"How did they get hold of you?" Lauren asked.

"I was taken. As part of their army." He eyes me carefully before realizing I see him doing so and he looks away.

"So you haven'tlike this very long." I point out.

He just shakes his head. "Nope."

Jenn looks at all of us.

"Did I miss something? It's like a C.S.I rerun in here, poor kid."

Matt coughs a laugh as she turns to leave.

Soon only Matt and Simon are in the room, discussing the army they're building.

"Adeline thinks we should get the other covens to help get rid of them." I heard Matt say.

"It's a good plan, and she seems verry smart." Simon mumbles.


"Why not?"

"Do you know where they are?"

"Everywhere! There are only two clearings near here."

"It's a three hour drive, so about two munites af running."


"When will we go then?"

"I'm unsure. Can we take the callow one?"

"I dont see why not. She's wise and powerful."

What? These werent Matt and Simon's voices, someone new had just entered the room, two new people...

"Zander, Matthew's mate is powerful indeed, but wiill she have the will to do what's nescessary this time?"

I am NOT his mate, girlfriend, yes. Mate? Hell to the no!

Someone sighed, an aged flustered sigh.

"And she knows what's at stake? Our kind cant survive another mistake from the The Adrianne Coven, or the Dawn Weavers.

Adrianne.....why was that so familiar?

"Oh no...."

I was a coven leader?


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