Nocturne Moon (Last in Moon Angel Saga) COMPLETED!!!!
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 2

I look over her. She looks different some how...

"Are you bulimic?"

"No..." She responds, confused.





"Um, new hair cut?"


"Well, spill already, Adeline! you look older, but younger, you have like perfect skin and pin straight hair. Your just.....not Adeline anymore!"

She says nothing.

"Is Matt giving you drugs or something?"

"No!" she pipes, oboviously offended.

Mr. Glasset looks at us, putting a finger to his lips. I pull my Samsung Seek from my pocket and scroll down to her name on the contacts list.

Matt isnt giving me anything!

R U Sure?


Whats up. U can Tell me!... T*T



They're not human.

Yea, hes a sexy beast. beasts arent human hun....

Dont call him that. mine. grrrr.


Do u get it?

Not at all... :)


Tell me the truth!

They arent HUMAN!!! i told yhu dat

they haves 2 be!

well, they arent im telling u cause ur my friend.. can i trust u?

o course, Adeline

kk. well...

She told me everything. An old friend named Sam, the Shadow Walkers, Matt dying, everything...

"Something you'd like to share Miss. Mayer?"

"N-no sir." i mumble. It's a lot to take in. She eyes me carefully as i slowly sink toward panic mode.

So ur.....


Ur not human now either?

nuh uh...*-*


R u ok?


I tried ti hold it in, then finally, I gave up. One insanely loud burst of histerical laughter that bounced around the quiet room.

"Miss. Mayer-" Mr.Glasset began. Luckily for me, right as the bell rang. Finally, last period!

Gym would be the perfect time to talk.


"So what, like a ghost?" I asked, pulling up my gym shorts.

"Well, kinda." She sighed, tucking in her shirt. "We're not nessisarily dead..."

"So, are all the Moon Angels that hot?!" I piped, flashing a dangerous smile. She smiled in return and nodded a bit.

"Pretty much."

We laughed.

"What are you two talking about?" Sandra asked. (this character is based on Sierra. But i didnt know if i should use her name...)

"A movie." I blurted. they'd never get off her back if you didnt tell them something! they were just so curious!

"Oh, well, can you tell me more about it. It sounds cool." (<---shes based on Sierra)

"Yeah, it sounds like a book i've read." (Guess who?)

I'm sure it did...

Adeline flashes me a sour look before returning a smile at Zoe. (idk any other names that sound like Zydanne T_T)

"Well, there was this boy who dies in a nazi attack in World War two, but he was killed after his girlfried ran off..."

Adeline's past incarnation, Adrian was it?

"Adrine." She corrected.

"And so the littlest sister died in the fire, then he was turned into a- eh. Well, I only saw the first half of the movie. So I dont really know." She shruggs in apology and gathers her jeans from the floor, stuffing them in her locker.

"Nice job, Adrian." I smirk.

"It was Adrine." She smiles back.

Mrs.Gross (I rember!!) blows her whistle and we take off, running oversized circles in the gym.

Jenn runs over in her perfect immortal way, her long pony tail swaying side to side as she jogs.

"Hiya, Lauren!" She beams.

"Hi-Jenn." I huff. We've already done ten laps around our huge gym non-stop. Matt runs over to the other side of Adeline.

"I'm gonna stay up here with you, just as a reminder." He mumbles, I look baack and see a mob of girls who have stopped to see Matt run topless. I must admit he was cute, I didnt blame them.

"Mine." Adeline hisses. She's joking, thank God. Adeline's never been mad at me. Ever.

"So, Moon Angels. Sounds like an anime comic book." I breathe.

Mrs.Gross' whistle blows again and we walk and take our pulses.

"Just a question...Why do you bother? I mean, no heartbeat-"

Matt smiles and looks ahead. "We try to blend in."

Suddenly Matt grabbs Adeline and stops, Jenn reaches for my arm and yanks me back towards them.

"What?" I ask, breathless from the running.

"Shadows." Jenn gasps, glaring at a girl who's stopped, facing us with a demonic grin and rage fueled red eyes. The others ran around her as she walked towards us.

"Hey! keep running!" Mrs.Gross yelled over the sound of tennis shoes hitting the floor.

She turned and looked at her, fast walking towards her.

"Hey-" She began. The girl raised her hand and pushed on her, and just like that, Mrs.Gross flew back into the bleachers.

Kids all around us scream in panic and run towards the other set of bleachers.

"Hand her over." The girl hisses.

"Eredessa..." Adeline whispered, almost like a question.

"Run dumbass!" A kid screamed at us.

"We cant do anything, it'll get us caught." Jenn murmers.

"She knows that..." Matt accuses.

Eredessa smiles and grinns at us from under thick lashes.

"We can fight. We just have to watch ourselves." Adeline suffices.

"No, even of we're careful, they'll find out." Jenn said, eyes wide with worry.

"Just give me the girl, and i'll leave." Eredessa breathes smoothly, her poker face hard as stone.

"Cant we blame it on karate classes?" I ask.

"Knock all the kids out and convince them it was a dream, practice for a new Drama Club play?"

Jenn eyes me carefully.

"We'll have to kill her if we want her gone for good." She sighs.

"Have fun..." I sigh.

"I did a Google search on your family name when you moved here and saw a girl who looked just like her in a photograph of your house."

"What?" Adeline asks, eyes like saucers.

Eredessa takes a powerful step forward.

"Drama class." Jenn whispers, running at her.

Eredessa throws a strong punch at her head, Jenn did a back bend into a back flip which nailed Eredessa square in the nose with her Converse.

Her head snaps back up, poping her neck in a loud, old way. Eredessa reaches for Jenn's shoulders, lifting her up, then throwing her straight back down with a loud KRAK! the gym floor splinters around her head.

Suddenly, Matt isnt there.

He has her in a head lock on the floor as Jenn stands up with a flash.

"Finish her." he hisses.

Adeline looks intensley at her, then her eyes open wide and she opens her mouth-

"Matt- her hands!" too late, two purple beams, blindingly bright, shoot out at the two of them, knocking them off of their feet and into the surrounding brick walls. Adeline wheels forward, a terrified yet furious glare radiating in her eyes. She drags her hand across Eredessa's face in a wild slap, knocking her over.

She sits there, I cant see her face, her long brown hair curtians it. She reaches up with a pale hand and touches her cheek, stained with blood.

She seems to float from the floor, glaring at Adeline, her nostrils flare as she struggles to control herself. They run towards eachother again, a flury of punches, scratches, high kicks and stomach blows. Until at last, Eredessa stands, arms at her sides. Blood drips slowly from the cut on her cheek as she looks into space with her bright red eyes.

Gone. just like that she sinks into the floor and dissapears.


Nothing but silence. Twenty four students gape in awe and terror at the three kids who seemed to fight like newborn vampires. I just stare back into their blank faces.

I see Zoe's lip quaver, They stare blankly at us with shocked, terrified, and entertained eyes.

The rest of the day was filled with "Hey did you see-" and "Hey she's the one who-" 's.

After school we all went to Adeline's house, sitting on her porch and listening to One Republic. (Secrets)

Everyone was silent, "Well, that went better than I thought it would." I smiled.

"That was too close..." Jenn sighs, looking sad and worried, as if she were to put a puppy down.

"What would happen if they found out?" I ask, afraid of the answer.

"We'd have to leave." Matt sulks, head down, staring at a lost ant.

"Adeline's new, she doesent know anything..."

"You'd all have to leave" I say, not breathing at all.

"Adeline just nodds woodenly, staring at the ground.

I couldn't imagine wife without them, Adenline especially.

"But no one did." Jenn smiled.

"lets just forget about the whole thing. Okay?" Adeline smiles hopefully.

"Yeah," I help. "What are you guys going to be for Halloween?"

"What?" Adeline asks, a bit frightened. "It's only September!"

"Nuh, uh. See?" I reply, raising my phone and showing her that it was deffinately October twenty eighth.

Her eyes opened wide in awe and amazement.

How could she not realize that?! The trees were a vibrant orange and brown, subtle and relaxing. Every so often a light breeze would waft through tsll trees and makes the multi colored leaves mingle with one another, dancing on the crisp, chilly air like flying ballerinias. On rare occasions, one would see a cyclist or two, riding smoothly across the leaves, glues to the jet black, smooth asphalt by this morning's rain.

"Wow. I never really took the time to realize how pretty it is." Adeline sighs.

The twins smile, but their thoughts are distant.

"You should be those two creepy twins from the horror movies." I say suddenly. Looking at Jenn and Matt.

Jenn laughs out loud, not a sarcastic; Ha ha NO, kind of laugh. The nice kind, almost like a baby's laugh.

"I'd kill to see Matt dress up!"

"You should all be a chior of angels." Jacob shouts, sticking his head out from the front door and grinning at us.

"Funny." I sneer. "You spend too much time with me."

"You could be Frankeinstien. But a girl of course."

"Eew! like those little cartoon thinggies Isabella likes?!" Matt gasps in disgust.

"Gosh, whats it"

"Monster high?" I ask.

"Yeah! thats it! Isabella'd get a real kick outta that."

"Why are you calling her Isabella? Dont you normally call her Izz or something?" I ask.

"Yes, we do. She's getting older now though. She's preparing for things...."

"Things?" Adeline asks, confused my Matt's response.

He only nodds. "You do too."

I stare at her and she stares back, just as confused.


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