Love from Above (Completed! On with the editing!)
Author: Zoey Balderston

Chapter 27
End of the Day (updated)

Being the first day, 5th hour graphic design is pretty boring. We aren’t allowed to use the computers yet, so all there is to do is listen to Ms. Arch go over the syllabus and student handbook again. The hour moves by sluggishly as I doodle on my notebook cover.

At the end of class, I walk out to find Jeremy waiting for me against a wall. As we walk to the last class of the day hand in hand, I feel dagger glances stabbing at my back. I glance over my shoulder to see Brittney standing in the middle of the hall, looking furious. I send her a triumphant, mocking grin before turning away.

The desks of Ms. Karlton’s science class are arranged in groups of four. Janie and Libby are already staking one out for us in the back of the room. I can already tell I’m going to like Ms. Karlton. Not only is science my favorite academic subject, but she also gets us working on a lab the very first day. Beakers of various chemical substances are set out on the blacktop lab tables.

“Okay everyone, your procedures are on the tables. Get started properly mixing your substances. Be sure the safety glasses are on your face at all times,” Ms. Karlton says in a very upbeat tone.

I get nervous when I recognize the combination of yeast and hydrogen peroxide as being a bit explosive. Jeremy starts adding these two chemicals to a small plastic tube with a lid.

“You may want to stay a safe distance away from that when you start shaking the tube. And you look very adorkable in those glasses,” I say with a goofy smile.

“If anyone looks adorkable it’s you. I’m loving this nerdy side,” he smiles back just as goofily.

Sure enough, after a few seconds of Jeremy shaking the capped tube, there is a loud popping sound and soggy yeast jets up toward the ceiling.

 “Ew!” Libby squeals as the mixture sprays onto her.

“I told you so,” I say with a smirk. Libby wipes a glob from her cheek and flicks it at me with a scowl. I laugh and dodge out of the way.

Jeremy got hit worst with the smelly goop. With a very grossed out expression, he grabs a paper towel and starts wiping it from his hair and clothes. Janie and I, still clean, stand back and snicker at Libby and Jeremy.

“You missed a spot,” I tell Jeremy as I brush my thumb just below his jaw. He shivers slightly at the touch.

“Thanks for the warning. You didn’t say it was going to literally blow up in my face,” he says sourly.

“Well what would be the fun in that?” I retort with a giggle.

The rest of the substances mix without vengeance. Each mixture does a different cool thing; one makes a colorful convection current, one completely solidifies on contact, and one is wet and goopy if you slowly poke your finger into it, but solid and rubbery if you quickly tap it. I am almost sad when the bell rings, signaling the end of school.

“You still up for showing me some of your art?” Jeremy asks as we mosey on down to the student parking lot.

“Of course,” I reply. “Meet me back at the house.” I give him a peck on the lips before getting in my car and speeding home.


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