Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 93
Lime Surprise in the Hot Afternoon

























Burnt umber in the afternoon

The ravages of heat

We're dripping sweat in rivulets

I swear the flies are in retreat.

Workers standing idle

Depleted by the sun,

Dissapated energy

In exhaustion everyone.











Wilted leafage drooping low

The ground is cracked and dry

Stretched languidly in the shadows

Sleeping cats about do lie.

Sparrows shuck their feathers

In the dust bowl by the dray

And roosters pant in treetops

With their combs in dissaray.

















Black asphalt is melting

The tang of tar is in the air

And the greenhouse glass reflections

All contribute to the glare.

The air is still and shimmering

Inhale baking heat

And the catfish swim in shadow cool

Beneath the lake side seat.














Peddaling our bicycles,

Beneath the wide brimmed hats,

We're heading for the general store

Down by the old cream vats.

Heat ripples up in torment,

It arrives in scorching waves

But our salvation lies before us

And a cooling path it paves;

For behind that fly screen door, my friend,

There lies a frozen brew....

Two special, ice cream, Lime Surprise

With spoons, for me and you!
















@ the Gate

Mangere Bridge

9th February 2009



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