They Are Unknown (A Short Story)
Author: booklover95

Chapter 3
The Truth

The next morning I did not wake up in my room. I woke up on a table in an all white room. Wires were attached to my body. My pajamas had been replaced by a white hospital gown. I sat up and looked down around. Everyone was here. Everyone. The room stretched far and on the far end I read a sign that said: Room 19. In the bed next to me lay Margaret, sleeping. The white beds lay side by side. Everyone was hooked with wires.

     Was this like brainwash or something? Questions overcame me and a voice pushed them all away. The familiar voice of the robotic woman. She said: “Awake Location 12 room 19.” And like lightning, everyone’s eyes opened and they rose up. They looked like zombies or robots. Strange.

     I figured that I should act it out, because whatever they had done had not affected me what-so-ever. I got out of the bed and followed the others down a long hall that led to a changing room. The changing room was filled with lockers that read our names on them. I found the one that read: Emily Fields, and opened it. Inside was a brand new pair of jeans, white tank-top, and a blue sweater. Looking around I see that everyone’s changing. The girls are even self-conscious that they are changing in front of boys. No one utters a word.

     I quickly change and take a seat on the wooden benches. We all wait for awhile, then finally a woman enters the room. She’s fairly plump in size and has short blonde hair. She’s wearing a business suit. Without a word she walks around the room with a basket and makes us reach in it and grab a strip of paper. When she gets to me I hesitate and finally pull out a strip. I unfold it and read: New York City. I’m totally confused, so I look at the guys next to me strip. It reads: Birmingham, Alabama. Then the woman speaks: “Outside there are buses. These buses will take you to your destination on the paper. When you get there you start a new life. For, this program was created to begin a new, perfect world. I am the Director of Location 12. You may go.” Suddenly everyone is on their feet and out the door. We go outdoors where there are at least 20 yellow busses. I load the first bus and hand the driver my slip. He nods and I go take a seat next to Margaret.

     I’m scared. I am the only one who made it out without being brainwashed. But how? I wonder if Margaret is acting. When I turn I see Margaret…crying. Yes, crying. But, the others all seem to show no emotion. This means that…

     “Margaret…” I say. She wipes her eyes and turns to me.

     “Oh thank god!” she whispers loudly. “I’m not the only one. What’s happening?”

     “Everyone’s been brainwashed and now I guess we’re going into the real world.”

     “They’re trying to make a perfect world? By brainwashing everyone.”

     “Yes. I’m terrified.” I say, fighting back tears. “I guess they’re evacuating the place.”

     “Yeah, I guess.” Margaret replies as we begin to move. The bus pulls out of the school. I look out the window and see men in suits, the director, and Tommy waving goodbye. This frightens me. It’s beginning to turn dark and soon we all fall asleep.

     When I awake I am lying in a hotel room and its early morning. Beside me on the bed is Margaret. I shove her and she falls. “Heyyy.” she muttered. “Whoa…where are we?”

     “I don’t know….What did your paper say?”

     “New York.”

    “Mine too.” I say. “So, I guess we’re in New York.” Beside me something vibrates. I turn and see a cell phone lying on the dresser. I haven’t seen my cell phone in forever! This excites me. Margaret also has her cell phone. I search threw my contacts and spot my sister, Mallory’s, cell number. I suddenly remember, Mallory lives in New York. I quickly dial her number. It rings. It rings again. Then she answers.

     “Hello?” she says into the phone.

     “Hi, it’s me” I say, realizing she doesn’t know who “me” is. “It’s Emily.” There’s a long pause.

     “Nu uh, Emily disappeared ages ago. This can’t be her.”

     “It is! I promise! Please meet me.” I say, looking at a card on the dresser. “Are you still living in New York?”

     “Yes, creeper.” she says.

     “Great! Meet me at…” I pause to read the hotel card. “The Paramount hotel!”

     “This is not Emily. You pathetic ass.” she says. “But whoever this is….I will meet you. Paramount hotel is about a five minute drive from my office.”

     “Okay great!” I yell. “Bye!” and then I press END.

     Five minutes later, Margaret and I are in the hotels dinning room eating lunch. I nearly feint when Mallory walks in. She’s gotten so beautiful. When she see’s me she breaks into a sprint. “Oh my god! It’s really you! Where have you been!?!?”

     Then the whole story comes out: The “dormitories”, Bart getting shot, the video cameras, the cave, the screens, and the tunnels, the men that lived in the walls, the brainwashing, and the director. When I finish Mallory is dumbfounded and Margaret shakes her head is assurance. “I don’t believe this.”

     “You have too!” I scream. “These people are trying to create world peace, by brainwashing kids.”

     “Well, tell me why y’all don’t seem “brainwashed” she says.

Finally, Margaret speaks up: “When we saw Tommy that night in the hall, he came and found me. He told me that if you had love in your heart, and in yourself. Then they could not brainwash you. Love is like a barrier to the mind.” she says. I am completely shocked. The love that I had in my heart was for Margaret and my family and heck, even Tommy.

     “Well, after we eat, I am going to the police.” I say.

     “I’ll come.” Mallory says. “I’m just so happy you’re alive!”

     I think to myself, this is great, nothing could be better! Then I hear someone approaching from behind me and I hear Mallory say: “Oh yes, our food!” I turn and nearly scream in horror. Oh no, this can NOT be happening! For our waitress is….the director.

     “Hello Margaret and Emily.” She smiles, suddenly she face changes to hatred and evilness. “Come with me…now. The three if y’all have to be stopped. If you don’t follow me I’ll blow this hotel sky high in a click of a button! Now come.”

     Without a word we get up and exit the hotel. Outside is a black van. We get inside. The director gets in the front seat. “Drive Tommy.” Margaret and I gasp. “Drive to Location 13.”


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