They Are Unknown (A Short Story)
Author: booklover95

Chapter 2
Part Two

     “Are you OK?” I ask Margaret that night.

     “What do you think? I just watched those bastards shoot my brother.”

     “I’m really sorry Margaret….” I say. “I think we leave tomorrow.”
     “Where do you think they’ll take us?” She asks.

     “I have no clue…” I reply as Margaret begins to weep. I wrap her in my arms as she cries into my shoulder. “But we’re going to be alright. I promise.”

     “We arrived on the same day.” Margaret says changing the subject. “We’ve been here four years. I’m kind of sad to leave.”

     “Why? This place haunts me.” I say. “You know the fountain in the courtyard?”

     “Yeah why?”
     “Have you ever noticed the giant hole that the water shoots out of.”

     “No. That’s really random.”

     “No it’s not. You see…at night the fountain is turned off. Somehow I just can’t help but think that maybe…just maybe…there’s something in that fountain.”

     “Like a way out?”

     “Exactly.” I say standing to my feet and wrapping myself in my robe. I stare up at the camera watching me, hoping they don’t know what we are about to do. Margaret and I slip out to the courtyard. The night is murky and cold. A haunting breeze runs through the trees. Like I predicted, the fountain is off. We approach the fountain and admire the hole in which the water shoots out during the day time. The whole is just big enough for a small person to slip through. Seeing that Margaret is scared, I decide to go first. I barely slip through. I slip through and fill like I am falling, but instead I am sliding down a pipe. Confusion and terror engulfs me. I scream all the way down.

     I see a dark spot where the tunnel ends and when I reach it my terror has increased. I scream as I exit the tunnel and realize I am falling. Instead of falling to the ground, I instead fall into black murky water. I hear a scream behind me and then see Margaret falling from the tunnel and into the water. “Emily!!!!” I heard Margaret scream. It’s to dark to see her.

    “I’m here!” I say, swimming. I swim until I reach land. I’m soaked from head to toe. Margaret is there waiting. My eyes have finally adjusted to the dark. I see that we are in some sort of cave. There is an opening right before us. We slowly begin the walk into the caves tunnel. As we get closer I begin to see a faint light in the distance. It’s a….a ….door? Yes, a sliding door, waiting for us.

     “This is creepy. We should go back…” Margaret begins.

     “We can’t.” I reply, walking ahead. We reach the door and I see the glass door. Beyond the door is an all white room. Beside the door, smelted into the cavern wall, is a metal switch. I hesitate and look back at Margaret who is nodding. Slowly, I press the button and the door swings open. As we step in a robotic voice fills the room.

     “Hello.” the voice says. In our pajamas, Margaret and I both freeze. “Welcome to the, THEY, headquarters.” The voice stops and the wall ahead of us begins to slide apart. Hidden behind the wall are about 100 tiny television screens. As we get closer we both gasp. The screens are showing all the video camera views. I watch as I see some girls sleeping, a girl combing her hair. One screen shows an empty hallway. I look closer and see that it’s the hallway to my room. The next screen shows my room. But, there’s something deadly wrong. Two men wearing black suits are in my room. The empty wall beside my dresser drawer is not a wall….its a door. It seems as if the door was disguised as a wall. These men are looking around the room. One man looks into the camera lens and whispers: “Where are you?” I freeze in horror.

     “We have to go….Now.” Margaret says, angrily.

     “Okay…but how?”

     “Let us outta here!” Margaret screams to the invisible voice.

     “I will do as commanded.” the voice says and a small door slides open beside the screens. Margaret rushes out, but something stops me. I see Tommy on one of the screens. He’s walking in an empty hallway. Suddenly, beside me I hear Margaret.

     “Come on!” I ignore Tommy and run. We enter another all white tunnel. It’s like a maze of white. I stop when I hear a knock on the wall beside us. Then I notice the cracks in the wall. It’s a hidden door. I place my hand on the door and it slides open, showing….Tommy. “Tommy?” I ask, astounded. How was Tommy here? How did he know about this? Margaret and I step out of the white maze and into a dormitory hallway. “Tommy.”

     “Oh my god! You’re working for THEY.” Margaret screams. “You’re part of this…this program!” Tommy says nothing.

     “Tommy….I thought you were better than this…I told you everything.” I say.

     “I’m sorry. Okay? I’ve been working for this program for awhile.”

     “But you’ve only been here for like 7 months?” I say.

     “They have more…” I gasp and Margaret cries.

     “You mean there are other places like this?” Margaret sobs.

     “Yes, they’re all over the world. This place is called Location 12. We are in Connecticut, but I’m not supposed to tell you that.”
     “How many are there?” I ask, astounded.

     “Fifty.” Oh my God.

     “Oh my…” Margaret begins.

     “You bastard!” I scream slapping Tommy in the face. “You knew! This WHOLE time you KNEW!” Tommy began to back up into the white maze. “Who were those men? Tell us what they’re going to do to us! TELL US!”

     “May God have mercy on your souls.” Tommy said, backing up into the tunnels.

     We both ran back to out rooms. When I pushed open my room I gasped in horror. The men were gone! Thank God. That night, Margaret stayed with me in my room


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