They Are Unknown (A Short Story)
Author: booklover95

Chapter 1
Part One

They Are Unknown

A short story

     My name is Emily Scott Fields. Or at least that’s who they tell me I am. I’m an athletic fifteen years old with long dirty-blonde hair that touches my shoulder blades. I have a small silver comb that brushes through my silky hair perfectly. Initialed into the side of the brush are the two letters L.F. whom I decided was my mother. I don’t remember my mother at all. Beside my dresser drawer there is a small wallet sized photograph of a woman. Ever since I found that photo in the drawer I have kept it, pretending that the woman in the picture is my beautiful mother. Every night before I rest I will pick up the photograph and kiss it, hoping that it really may be my mother.

     The woman in the picture has dark brown hair and she is standing in a field holding a bat and a softball. The grin on her face is about a mile long showing her pearly-white teeth. She wears a sideways Yankee’s baseball cap on her messy brown hair. Who are the Yankee’s? I think to myself. They have excluded us from the outside world, so we hardly know about anything. They have taken me away from my mother and have left me with only this crumpled photograph of a woman posing to be my mother.

  I can’t remember when I first arrived here. But nonetheless...I’m here and that’s all that matters. They tell us that we won’t leave this place until we come of age, which is the summer after we turn sixteen. Once you are removed you never come back. Margaret, Tommy and I turned sixteen in December. None of us know our actual birth dates, but They tell us it’s in December.

     While reminiscing about the past, the photograph and the reason we’re here, Tommy sneaks behind me and grabs my neck. Of course I scream. I turn to face him. His soppy, wet brown hair is matted to his forehead. His clothes are soaking wet. “Shhh! You’ll get me into trouble!” he says smacking his over my mouth. I instantly taste rain water engulf my mouth.

     As soon as he releases me I ask: “Tommy, what are you doing in the girl’s dormitory?” Tommy looks at me frowning.

     “Because…” he replies. Tommy is a man of few words. You can ask him a deep, deep question and his reply: “Okay” “That’s cool man”. It’s very agitating.

     “How did you get in here?”

     “Margaret opened the second story window and I climbed up the grape vines.” How romantic? Everyone in this program, or whatever it’s called, knows that Margaret loves Tommy. It’s rather sad actually because Tommy barely acknowledges Margaret when she is around. Margaret is a very artist person. She draws, paints, water-colors, sings, and even does photography. Although her camera is old and barely works, They won’t get her a new one.

     “Okay...” I begin. “But, why are you here?”

     “Why are we all here?” he says staring at me with eyes of contempt.

     “What do you mean?” I ask, knowing the answer. Ever since Tommy arrived, a year ago, he’s been trying to crack the code and find out just exactly why we are here. I tell him it’s useless.

     “Emily, haven’t you ever wondered….why us? Why me?” Now that he brings it to my attention, I do wonder about that. “What if it’s some sort of conspiracy? Or experiment.”

     “Okay Tommy, you need to calm down…” I start. “We are all OK.”

     “No we aren’t. Summer starts in two days. That’s when They take us.” he said fidgeting and pointing to the tiny camera in the ceilings corner. He crossed the room and sat on my bed. “I’m scared.”

     “Don’t be. What could the possibly do to us?” Judging by Tommy’s sudden expression change I know I’ve asked the wrong question.

     “Are you serious!?” he yells at me. “They have video cameras everywhere in this place. There’s no infirmary, no doctors. No television, radio, or telephones. No book, paper. Don’t even get me stared on the electric fences. It’s like a psychological warfare and we are the prisoners.”

     “I don’t understand.”

     “Don’t you get it? They’re messing with our minds, trying to see who will crack and who won’t.”

     “But there are over 100 people here. That’s a lot of people to wipe-out.”

     “Yeah but do you know where we are.” he says, I shake my head no. “We are in the middle of no where. No one would ever know if they killed us.”

     “What about our parents?”

     “What parents? They’ve taken our parents from us. We are alone.” I gasp. Knowing that I am all alone frightens me. I crossed the room and gazed out the window admiring the courtyard from my fourth floor room. Surrounding the courtyard were three other dormitories just like mine. Dark red brick that stretched to the heavens. Then my eyes turned to the fence that surrounded the place. The fence however was electric. From afar I saw Bart Hummel going near the fence while others pleaded him to step away. My body froze. Holy shit, he can’t do this.

     “Tommy!” I scream, completely changing the subject. “Bart….He’s…Follow me!” I rush out of the room. Tommy follows quickly behind me. I rush down the spiral staircase and barge out the wooden door that enters into the Common Area. When I push my way outside I am blinded by sun light. A group of teenagers have surrounded Bart. Tommy grabs my pink sweater as I push through the crowd.

     Bart stands alone; his arm is extended towards the fence. And then he….leaps. Bart leaps onto the fence and his body shakes. We can all hear the sound of the electricity shocking Bart. He continues the climb, even though he is dying. Then something extraordinary happens….Bart makes it over the fence. He falls from the top of the fence and lands in the thick grass on the other side. We all gasp and are shocked at the fact that Bart is still alive.

     Someone taps me on the back and I turn to see Margaret, who is crying. She’s crying because Bart is her…brother. Yeah her real brother. We all think that Bart has made it.  That he will be the first to escape. Bart stands to his feet and laughs. He laughs and raises his fist to the sky. We are all happy now. We can escape. Suddenly everyone starts asking questions: “Did it hurt?” “How did you do that?” “Is it different on the other side?”

     Bart turns away from us…as if he’s heard something. I turn to look down the dirt road that extrudes from the forest. Suddenly, like a miracle, a black van drives up through the forest. Bart freezes like a deer in the headlights. The van stops halfway to the gates and the door opens. Bart begins to run through the field-into the forest- just as a man wearing a black military looking suit exits the van. In his arms is a gun. The man pulls the gun up and looks through the scope. Bart is running faster and faster. “Bart RUN!” Margaret yells from behind me. Suddenly everyone in the group is yelling for Bart to run faster. But….we are too late. The man pulls the trigger. The bullet shoots into Bart’s skull and an explosion on blood shoots from his head as he falls to the ground....dead. Now, everyone is screaming and crying. I wipe away a tear as Margaret runs off to the dormitories.

     The man silently got back into the van and drove down the road.


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