Give All My Secrets
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 3
Run like the wind, Victoria



I stand still as stone as the leavves rustle around me.

"Where are you?" I sigh, trying to focus on her scent.

The little red head bitch doesen't know either. I cant help smiling just thinking of her reaction.

I pull the ends of my brown jacket around me and take a few ragged steps forward. The whole clumsy dumb chick act was falling into plan perfectly. I had everyone around my fingers. Including Charlie and Renee, I rember compelling (Mind Control) them before I got here.

I still couldn't believe anyone thought an old fart like him would be given the time of day by a human as young as Renee. Ha!

I could smell Victoria coming closer, I could hear her loud hushed footsteps as she  ran to me. Talk about grudges!

"Jacob?" I yelled blankly into the woods. I knew he wasn't here, but it completed the unsuspecting act.

"Finally." Victoria breathes, she runs at me, and suddenly, she's on the other side of the small clearing, fumbling around in pure shock and dismay.


"Edward isn't here, Victoria. It's only you and me."

She eyes me in complete awe. She crawls backwards a bit, then freezes. She looks down at her hand, on top of Mikes. She found his corpse.

"A human?!"

I smile evily and laugh at her.

"You're all so stupid!" I sneer.

"I've been like this since 1812, i've met Edward as a human. I escaped right before the influenza." (That IS when Edward was human right? I cant rember....)

Her eyes widen, she stands to face me again.

"So, your going to kill me?"

"Hmm. A very intruging thought. But no. That wouldn't be any fun."

I turn away and glance at the distant trees, wondering which i'll impale her on later.

I can barely hear her backing away, then she's off again. Headed right for the Cullen's house.

They'd smell her coming, they'd follow her and see me.

I wouldn't allow it.

I take off after her, jumping gracefully but powerfully around rocks and fallen branches, pushing away trees with my legs, hoping from tree trunk to tree trunk with ease.

"All this time you've wanted to kill me, Victoria. Now you run?" I taunt.


********** Victoria ********


Run Faster! She's getting CLOSER! run run run!!!

"You'll have to run faster!" She laughs.

How could she hide this?! The black haired Cullen is a fourtune teller, she should have seen it!

I look up and see her bouncing off the trees above me, she's geting ahead. If I turn and run the other way...


She lands a wild punch in the chest with her rock hard fist. I'm down and on the ground, unable to move. She walks over me, staring down straight faced at me. Her skin glitters on the sun. Beautiful and deadly.

"You wont kill me." I stutter.

"Not yet Vicky." She smiles sweetly.

She hums to Metro Station (Shake It) and I cant help but wonder why.

She nodds her head to the tune as she collects pieces of wood and stones.

She drops the armful at my feet, and still humming, walks to me. She takes one of the sticks, and shoves it through my hand, nailing me to the ground.

How could a piece of wood go through my skin?!

I scream, but she kicks me in the mouth and glares.

"Oh, shut up! Baby."

Once my hands and feet are nailed to the ground, she runs off, and returns with a boulder the size of a bike.


"Mmm. Nah..." She smiles and tosses the rock behind her.

Sht stands and stares at me.

"What am I going to do with you?"

I glare at her.

"I'll tell them, i'll tell all of them."

"Oh, really." She sits next to me and looks around.

"Lemmie tell you something, Tori. You've been such a bitch these past few years, they wont see you  unil you're. Well, dead."

She smiles and looks down at me.

"So. I have to go. Toodles!"

She jumps up and leaves in a flash.

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****************** Edward **********************

"Where is she?"

"She's listening to music in your room." Alice says blankly. "How'd she get in there?!"

"I would have sensed her come in." (PFFT! I hate that word, it sounds too Star wars-ish, n its kinda nerdy. but....yea. thats what works. :) )

Alice looks towards the hall just as Bella walks over.

"What about Bella?" She asks.

"Where did you come from?!" I ask.

"Hasn't Carlsile given you the bg boy talk yet?"

I smile and hug her.

"You're so quiet now."

"Well, I tried had to walk with both arms on the wall so I wouldn't fall."

She smiles up at me.

I sigh.

"You're like a real little vampire now."

She stiffens.


"You're quiet, you havent tripped or fell in three days, and you're not eating well."

"Thanks daddy." she smiles, raising a brow. "are you stalking me?"

I smile back and shake off the oddness. She's changed, i'm just not sure how.






Ugh. I hated seeing her in the arms of that other boy. He didn't diserve her.

I remeber when I first met her in the cafe downtown.



She looks up from her novel and smiles.


"Can I sit with you?"

She motions me to sit with one hand, dog-ears her novel and looks at me.

"I'm Lilla."

I know now that her real name is Bella, but she had to be careful, in case the yellow eyed one overheard something.

"Rylie." I grin.

We started talking, and after about a month or so of knowing what she was. She told me that she had a vision of a red headed vampire wanting to start an army against her.

"How can I help?"

"I'm glad you asked." She smiles.

"She'll be looking for new recruits, mind me using you as a pawn?"

I smile at her.

That night, on her command, I left the book store (Im sorry, I dont remember what store he left in Eclipse. do you? I can change that later.)

and walked towards the alley.

I didnt see her, but I knew she was there.

I ran and acted along to make it seem more real, then stayed with  the Victoria, learned her ways, and she taught me how to fight.

Hell, the stupid bitch even fell in love with me!

Bella looks at me from the corner of her eye and winks.

that's the signal, back to Victoria.

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