Love from Above (Completed! On with the editing!)
Author: Zoey Balderston

Chapter 23
Extraordinary (updated)

Jeremy’s Point of View

“Kelsey!” I cry in horror as images from last night come crashing back. Suddenly she appears in the sky. Small black bat wings stretched across her back. She spots me standing on the cliff and a smile lights her serene face. Almost instantly, that smile fades into a look of abject terror. My look of genuine confusion compels her to fly back to where I am standing. She stands there, wings still out, looking sheepish and scared. I yearn to step closer to her, but the way she looks into my eyes and nervously traces the rock with the toe of her sneaker makes me stop.

“You don’t seem afraid of me,” she says, cocking her head to the side in contemplation.

“Perhaps that’s because I’m not afraid,” I reply truthfully.

“You’re not in the least bit freaked out that I have wings? That I’m not human?” she asks incredulously.

“Your wings are beautiful, just like you. And I’ve always known you were extraordinary Kelsey. A set of wings doesn’t change that. Nor does it change the way I feel about you,” I say, enveloping her in my arms. She clutches onto me as I stroke the length of her wings.

“They’re hotter than an open flame,” I murmur thoughtfully. “What does that mean?”

“Like the heat of a blush, warm wings mean I’m in love,” she says, snuggling into my chest. I hold her tighter.

“If I had wings, they would be scalding.”


“What is it like to fly?” he asks.

“You want to try it?” I ask, gazing up at him. He smiles and nods. I scoop him up bridal style with the help of my uber-strength.

“Shouldn’t this position be the other way around?” Jeremy says chuckling.

“Naturally, yes. But if we did that, we would go splat due to your lack of wings,” I giggle.

I step over to the edge of the cliff once more.

“You ready?” I ask softly.

“With you, I’m always ready,” he says, kissing me tenderly.

I crouch down a bit and push up from the ground hard. My wings catch the breeze, and we are flying. Jeremy clutches tighter to me as we make our way over the glistening ocean to a small island just off the coast. We make a stumbling landing on the powder white sand. I set Jeremy back on his feet and smooth out my wind whipped hair.

“I will admit, it’s a little scarier than I would have thought,” Jeremy says as he grabs one strand that flutters about and gently tucks it behind my ear. For a moment, I’m lost in the intensity of his bright green gaze, but then Janie’s words from months ago creep into my head; “But that’s forbidden! You are not allowed to fall in love with a human! Ooo if the high council ever found out about this…”

My eyes brim with tears and I turn away.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” walking around so he’s standing in front of me gripping the tops of my arms.

“Not only am I still waiting for the reality of what I am to sink into you, and for your inevitable reaction of terror. But I’m also afraid of the High Council! Granted, they aren’t allowed to watch over us while we’re training, because we need to learn on our own how to be Guardian Angels. But they’re still going to find out about us one way or another!” I say, my voice building toward hysteria. I sink to my knees and bury my face in my hands. Jeremy sits on the sand and pulls me into his lap, comforting me with his embrace.

“Back up; why would it be so bad for this High Council of yours to find out,” Jeremy asks.

“They are the rulers of all Angels. It is highly forbidden for an angel to fall in love with a human. It’s one of the only rules I see regularly enforced. If they find out I’ve fallen in love with you, they’ll tear my wings off and I’ll become a fallen angel,” I explain to him. He pulls me closer.

“Don’t worry. We will figure something out.” We sit there for what seems like a lifetime. His comforting touch pushes my worries to the back of my mind.

“Wanna hear something not so Debbie Downerish?” I ask, looking up at him. He smiles and nods.

“When I finish training and become a Guardian Angel, I’m gonna be guarding you.”

He smiles luminously. “At least I know I’ll be in good hands.”

“I will never let anything bad happen to you,” I say, kissing his cheek.

“Will you come and visit as an angel?” he asks.

I look away, tears brimming again. “I don’t think I’ll be allowed to.”

“Wait, you mean once your training is done, I’ll never see you again?”

I nod, biting my lip to keep from bawling like a baby.

“When does your training end?” he says, voice rising with dread.

“My training will be done when I do a mega good deed for the person I choose to guard.”

“Then don’t do anything for me,” he replies simply.

“I wish it were that easy. I won’t be able to help it. Not only will the council get suspicious after a while, but it’s in my nature to do good deeds.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll figure something out,” he repeats, kissing my forehead. I sigh.


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