The Unthinkable Has Occurred
Author: Brianna

Chapter 10
No NO!

--Riley's POV--

There is an incessant buzzing noise in my ears. I can't think clearly. I watch as he shoots down Cara's brother. I watch as fury wracks her thin frame, making her seem more intimidating than ever. I watch, without hearing a word they exchange, as Zack raises the gun again, firing it right into Cara's side.

Suddenly my hearing comes back full force, and my body starts functioning again. Without looking at Cara on the floor, I leap over her brother's lifeless body, and tackle the surely mentally insane kid to the ground. I hit him and punch him repeatedly down on the hard floor. He raises the gun again and I brace myself. But he puts it to his own temple, closes his eyes, says softly "I had to do it. Tell her I'm sorry," and pulls it. It has taken me a second to realize what he is doing, but it's already too late. I am showered with a spray of blood and I feel him go limp beneath me. I wonder who "she" is...his mom? Cara?

Wiping my eyes clear with the back of my hand, I run over to where Cara is groaning and convulsing on the floor. Sitting down on the ground by her head, I lift it up and place it on my lap. Her eyes flicker up towards my face. I gently pull her blood-drenched hands off her side, and replace them with my own, trying to staunch her life blood from pooling on the floor around us.

Between Austin, Zack, and Cara, the hall looks like a gory scene from a movie. But it's not a movie. It is real life and the girl I love is bleeding out on the floor. Yeah, I think I love her. Which is even more reason why she can't die right now.

"Listen to me, Cara. Just hang on, alright?" I say. She nods weakly. Her face has turned chalk white and the blood has soaked most of her dress, turning it a startlingly shade of red.

The hallway is suddenly filled with police holding their guns at the ready, and EMS's running with stretchers. They point their weapons at me and I choke out, "It was him," jerking my head towards Zack's body.

"Killed himself?" the guy in front asks.

"Yeah," I say. "Please please someone help her. Quickly!"

The EMS's run over, count to three and lift Cara on the stretcher. She shrieks in pain from the movement. I stand by her side, lean down and whisper in her ear quickly. "You'll be okay, I promise. Just hold on. For me, okay?"

She tilts her head to look at me, something unreadable in her eyes, and as the EMS's roll her away, I see her mouth form the word, "Okay."


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