Living The Journey - Everyday Heroes Tell Their Story
Author: Bridget McKern

Chapter 8
Journey of the Self







Journey of the Self




Self-knowledge is the path to personal freedom.  The world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles … only by a spiritual journey … by which we arrive at the ground at our feet, and learn to be at home.         Wendell Berry



I set out to find what is missing in my life.  What is it?

I do not know, but trust that it will be made known to me when the right time comes.


Across a whole continent I go…across deserts and forests and mountains… along coast lines and through towns and distant places.

I meet many others along the way.

Some I will never see again but each one has the gift of themselves to share with me.

Eventually we reach a remote but beautiful headland.

The sea is breathing below us.

Whales call to each other on their way to Antarctica.

Birds play on the winds above the cliffs.

The sun is setting across the waters sending rays of glorious  orange, pink and purple

As it dips down over the horizon.

A new moon appears breathlessly in the sky.

The first stars twinkle above our heads.


*          *          *

I realise that the Gift of Being Me, is the joy to be alive … the beauty within and around me …

It was here all the time but I did not see it so clearly until this moment.

Tears of gratitude flow down my face.

Carefully I tend this precious flame.

It returns home with me, never to be extinguished again.

It lives in the deepest recesses of my heart and I am given the Heart’s intelligence to know how to tend it forever more.



The flame is called LOVE.










I seek the Hero’s Journey within myself … I have walked the Journey and even written about it in my former book “Seasons of my Soul – A Woman’s Journey of Healing”,


I am proposing in this book that every living being in this life is a potential HERO.

That from the moment of conception we are all on the same journey.

It is the Journey of Love finding itself in us.

There are many different pathways, but the same destination.

Many different creeds, but the same God Centre.

Common themes are:

Separation / Reunion, (seeking and finding that which is lost)

Fall / Redemption (finding out our weaknesses and experiencing forgiveness within oneself and from others.) 

Feeling the Fear and doing it anyway.  (Courage is fear that has said it’s prayers.)

Keeping on keeping on, sometimes painfully.  (One step at a time … learning resilience.)

Going through the Underworld, Dark Night of the Soul, Midlife crisis, whatever name we give this phase, and hopefully, coming out the other end more complete than before.

We have shed some of our illusions, told each other our truth, and committed ourselves to life whatever happens with gratitude in our hearts for all that has been and all that can yet be.

At the end of the Journey, I have this vision that we will all be joining hands and rejoicing that we have made it into Nirvana / Heaven. 

There will be a BIG PARTY.  We will all be celebrating together that we made it through the Dark Night and came out into the glorious light of who we really are. 

We will know as we are known.








Each day I give myself to myself so that I may give generously to others.


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