My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 80



So why do you insist,

On rubbing it in?

That your girlfriend is the best,

When I'm dreaming of what could have been,

Me and you,

Would've been great together,

Seeing as how close we are,

Bet it would have lasted forever,

But no.

Here I am texting you,

And I'm reduced to tears,

Feeling so vunrable,

Knowing all my fears,

I knew you'de save me,

Whenever I needed you,

But now we've both "moved on",

And I'll admit I dunno what to do,

You're not beside me anymore,

And I'm crying here alone,

Feeling like I've been here before,

Wishing I was back "home",

We were young and so niave,

Though mainly on my part,

I can't remember why I used to beleive,

That when our parents told us,

We'd always be side by side,

I acttually used to beleive them,

But now I have to hide,

I used to be confident,

When we were at school,

With you right next to me,

Everything was cool,

Now you're up there,

And now I'm down here,

I don't see you everyday,

And when I do see you,

I never know what to say,

I'm hurting because I love you,

I love you because I know you,

I know your fears,

I know your loves,

I know your favourite things,

And all that comes above,

Though now I don't know you,

For you have changed so much,

Wishing I was still by your side,

And so badly craving your touch,

To feel your warm hug around me,

To see you every single day,

But to my dear friend,


That is all I have to say...


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