Arabian Knights
Author: Justin Carr

Chapter 12
Dead Weight

Amir squinted against the bright sun. He had dismounted his camel and was now leading it through Najd. The Nothing was what it meant. Amir's best friend Jaul was slung across the back of the camel. Jaul had been stung by a scorpion, which meant that he had hours to live. Those hours would have been invaluable two days ago, when he was stung. Jaul was dead , had been for almost two days now. The reason Amir was lugging around a dead body was that Jaul's father lived and worked at a port. The two friends had decided that they would leave arabia, taking a ship from the port to England. Though Jaul's journey was over, Amir planned to continue his journey, no matter what. He wiped away some beads of sweat that had accumulated on his forehead. His vision had began blurring an hour or two ago, as he was severely dehydrated. Amir had used all his water trying to wash out the scorpions poison, to no avail.

Some hours later Amir collapsed in the sand. He was dehydrated, weak, and finished. His camel stood beside the slumped over Amir and waited patiently for him to resume his walk. Amir cursed and weakly slammed his fists into the sand. He couldn't walk anymore, and he would be able to ride the camel, but Jaul's body was too heavy for the both of them. Amir sighed and walked slowly to the back of the camel where Jaul's body laid. Dead weight , Amir thought. He pulled Jaul off of the camel and left his body to lye in the sun.

Amir rode the camel all the way to Abidas port, where instead of going to Jaul's father's house, as had been planned, he went to the docks. Approaching on of the workers, Amir stood and asked tentatively
"Hello, I am Amir, and i was hoping to find a ship to Britain" The dock worker slowly lowered the crate he had been carrying and dropped it onto the ground. He then looked at Amir inquisitively , breathing hard.
"You don't look like the kind of man who has anything to do with Britain. What in god's name you want ta go there for, eh?"
"I have important business there. Now is this ship going to Britain or not?"
The dock worker grinned, showing an almost toothless mouth. "Sure, stop by here tomorrow morning and i'll see what i can do. You have to work though, no free rides"
"Of course not. I am at your disposal, thank you greatly"


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