Save Me From Falling
Author: booklover95

Chapter 4
Back To The First Grade

Back To The First Grade


As soon as Aria pulled out of the malls parking lot her phone rang. Terrified, she fumbled through her purse and brought out her cell phone. The screen read ONE NEW MESSAGE, in big bold letters. What if it was the “stalker”? she thought to herself. As soon as she reached a red light she pressed OPEN and read the text:

     Aria I really need to talk with you pronto. Meet me at the high school. K?....It’s about David and Josh. –Collin

     Aria sighed a sigh of relief. Thank god it wasn’t the stalker. What could Collin possibly have to tell her about David? David didn’t get drunk and leave Aria abandoned until tonight….He couldn’t have done anything. Right?

     Josh Hamilton was Collin’s boyfriend. He had long sandy-blonde hair that flipped in his face, washboard abs, and killer dimples. He and David were both the most popular guys in school. That’s why Aria and Collin dated them. Only recently had Aria been having second thoughts about David. David was nice and all, but he spent his weekends going to parties, getting drunk, and popping pills.

     It took only ten minutes to get to the high school. When she pulled into the parking lot she saw Collin waiting at the door for her. Ridgeway High School had been on Christmas break for a week now. The only reason Collin had a key was because she was on the yearbook staff.

     Collin slowly opened the front doors and let Aria in. “It took you long enough.” she muttered walking down the hall. Aria thought Collin looked like a skank. It was December 14th and she was wearing a black leather mini skirt, with high black leather boots, and a tight fitting white tank-top. They walked down the hall and into the gymnasium and sat on the bleachers. The sunlight shone through the windows, baring the only light. The light shone clearly on the Panthers mascot drawing on the center of the court.

     “Why do you need me?” Aria asked.

     “I saw…..” she began but hesitated. “I saw David with….” Collin didn’t need to finish the sentence; she knew what Collin was going to say. David was cheating on her. “-another girl.” A pain shot through Aria’s heart. How could he do this? Man whore, she thought to herself as Collin picked up her Nokia and began texting someone.


     “Lucy Tucker.” just as Collin said looking up from her phone with a smile. Aria’s phone vibrated. She pressed OPEN and read:

     Aria: Holy shit! Betcha didn’t see that one coming! Mwahahah! This is fun :)

     Aria stared up shocked. The mysterious texts had to be coming from….Collin. Aria watched as Collin picked her phone up again and began to text.  “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.” Collin laughed.

     “Who are you talking too?” Aria asked, changing the subject.

     “No one.” Collin said, laying the phone in her lap. Suddenly Aria leapt on Collin and grabbed for the phone. Collin was faster. She grabbed the phone and rose to her feet. “Freak!” she yelled. Aria jumped for the phone but missed and hit Collin’s shoulder. “Oh, so we’re gonna act like first graders and push.” Collin said, shoving Aria. “Bitch.” she laughed.

     Aria regretted what happened next. She shoved Collin back….a little too hard. Before she knew it, Collin was falling down the bleachers. “Oh no.” Aria muttered as Collin landed on the gym floor with a loud thud. “Collin?” She didn’t move. Her body lay lifeless on the gym floor. “Collin!” Aria repeated, this time scared. She ran down the bleachers to help her friend. Why had she done this? She never knew she was capable of murdering, especially her best friend. Aria felt around Collin’s neck. Yes! She said to herself, a pulse!

     Across the gym floor lay Collin’s Nokia, all scratched up. She figured that Collin would be OK. With that assurance, she crossed the floor and bent over to get the phone. The screen read: ONE NEW MESSAGE. Aria hesitantly pressed OPEN and read:

     Hey Collin….the news you told me last night disturbed me but now I’m ok with it! I’m gonna be a dad! –Love, David.  9 more weeks in counting! The countdown is on!

     Nonononononononono! This could NOT be happening! Had Collin and David had sex? Was Collin pregnant? She wasn’t even showing. Aria re-read the last two sentences. Collin had been pregnant for a while now and had told no one. Not even Aria. Aria felt a pang of jealousy. In nine week, Collin was having a baby and there was nothing Aria could do about it. Had they planned on keeping it a secret and not telling Aria? She hated David. She could kill him.

     Tears fell from her eyes as she turned to see how Collin was doing. But….Collin was….


     Aria gasped. “Oh my god” she muttered putting the phone in her pocket and running out of the gymnasium. Now that Aria was alone she felt like the stalker was watching her. Waiting for her to fall into his or her trap. Waiting to kill her, again. Where had Collin gone? Was Collin the bad guy? Or was Aria just over-reacting. No, she definitely was NOT over reacting.

     When she entered the main hall she gasped and her face became pale. She felt sick to her stomach. Lying on the ground was Collin, soaked in blood. Someone had killed her. Some had killed her! Aria panicked dialing 911. The woman’s voice came over the phone and Aria yelled: “Please, it’s my friend. I think she’s….she’s dead. We’re at Ridgeway High School. Please Hurry!” Aria felt Collin’s pulse again. Strange….Collin still had a pulse. Aria turned her over on her back. There were no stabbing marks or any signs of physical abuse. Suddenly, Aria knew where the blood had come from. The baby.

     The fall from the bleachers must have caused Collin to miscarry. Aria was relieved to know that Collin was not dead. She heard the sound of ambulances approaching the school. “Thank you God.” she muttered. Then she thought of something that chilled her spine and made her wince. She had murdered Collin’s baby. 


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