Give All My Secrets
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 2
fruit punch

Edward kissed me, as he normally does. He pulled away abruptly and glared at me.


"Whats wrong, Edward?" I asked.

"You- you smell like-like..."

"Dog? I ahvent even toughed Jacob today."

"No, it's...." He shakes his head in confusion.


"Eh, yeah, you." I smile, moving closer to him. "You think i'm seeing someone else?"

"Of course not." He mumbles. I think he's trying to convince himself more than me.

"Well then." I breathe. "I'm thirsty."

I trot down the stairs and into the kitchen. I face the punch bowl and look down into it, ughh. gross. I look up and see a boy on the opposite side of the kitchen. He licks his lips and nods at me. Perfect. I smile and motion him towards me. He smells wondeful, almost as good as the boy I met as a newborn in 1812.....maybe they were related. He was about to kiss me, but I knew Edward would hear me, or smell him. I led him into the backyard, towards the edge of the woods and I kissed his neck.

Ooh, beautiful, it'd been a long time since I could have human blood...I sunk my teeth into him and drank.

"B-b-Bella?!" Mike.

I drop the human and look up at him.

"What the hell, Bella!"

I need to shut him up before i'm caught, I grab his arm, throwing him into the thicket, grab the human's ankle, and tow him along after me.


I am silent.

"Bella please!"

I bend over him and fling my hand over his knee, snapping it like a tooth pick. He opens his mouth to scream but I hush him.

"I've been here too long to have my cover blown by an immature human like you." I spit. I hush him, one finger over my red lips.

"ARAGHHHHHHHH!" He screams. I push my hand down hard on his neck and breathe hard as the blood seeps around him. Rlyie is suddenly in front of me.

"You ordered take out?"

"Shut up." I glare.

He smiles mockingly and pickes Mike up.

"Mine. you can take the other."

I stand and look myself over, coated in blood, I cant go back in like this...

Rlyie hands me a bundle of cloths. The same jeans and another t-shirt that was almost the same shade of blue.

"Let me know if you need help undressing." Rlyie smiles.

I roll my eyes and flip him off.

"as if."

I finish drinking, dress, and toss the body deeper into the woods just as Edward comes out.

"What are you doing?"

"I thought I saw something moving, I thought it was Jacob."

He lifts his chin and his eyes open wide.

"Dead human."

"Really?" I ask. Trying not to laugh.

"Get inside, now."

As he walks deeper inside, I grin and walk away.

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