Save Me From Falling
Author: booklover95

Chapter 3
Iím Not A Bitch; Iím THE Bitch and Thatís Miss Bitch To You!

I’m Not A Bitch; I’m THE Bitch and That’s Miss Bitch To You!


     Aria stormed out of the mall more frightened that ever. How could Lucy sit there and talk about forgiveness and then kill me later? Aria thought to herself. Across the way she saw Anna Beth Sherwood smoking a cigarette by the back entrance to the mall. Aria needed a cig, but she was trying to be a better person. But would a cigarette hurt all that bad? She decided it wouldn’t. Anna Beth saw Aria approach and her face dropped. Popular Girls like Aria weren’t allowed to talk to dorks like Anna Beth. Aria reached out her hand for a smoke. Anna Beth lit the cigarette and passed it to Aria. “Thanks.” she mutters. They sat in silence for a long while.

     Then finally: “Why are you talking to me?” Anna Beth asked, not trying to be rude.

     “Bad day. Needed a cig.” she replied blowing a ring of smoke from her lips. Suddenly from around the corner they heard a yell “Hey what are y’all doing!?” They both turned to see a mall security guard sprinting towards them both.

     “Holy shit.” Anna Beth grumbled flicking her cigarette to the ground and running. Aria did the same. Behind the mall was a thick forest-supposedly where it’s common to take midnight strolls. They both entered the forest and checked behind to see if the security guard was following. When both girls realized the guard was gone they both burst out in laughter. “Wow that was great.”

     “I know right?”

     “I’ve never been caught.” Anna Beth spat out.

     Changing the subject, Aria asked: “Why were you in the store?”

     “It’s not illegal to shop, Aria.” Aria was surprised that Anna Beth knew her name. “I like their clothes. That’s all. Although Lucy Tucker was freaking me out…”

     “What was she doing?”

     “All she did was help me find a pair of Gucci sun glasses and then she sat at the register counter texting and laughing.” Anna Beth fumbled through her purse. “Look.” She pulled out a pair of Gucci Sun glasses. Aria’s jaw fell. “I’ve never shop lifted something so…so expensive. It’s the best feeling in the world.” Aria knew what she meant. The moment you step out of the store and no alarm sounds it feels great. It feels like getting away with a murder.

     “Whoa nice game….” Aria said. ‘Nice Game’ is what her and Collin use to tell each other when they stole something great and expensive. There was once again and awkward void of silence. Aria suddenly remembered something she’d done to Anna Beth in the summer of their freshman year. Anna Beth use to be a porky girl. Aria and Collin used to call her “Porky-Dorky”. Over the summer Aria had thrown a surprise swim party for Collin. Everyone in the grade was invited, including Lucy and Anna Beth. Aria faintly remembered Anna Beth hesitating to take her shirt off. Then after a while she finally did, only to reveal that she was no Porky-Dorky. Over the summer she had lost all her weight and grown a pair of boobs. Aria remembered how the boys whistled at her and called her “Sexy” and “Sex Toy”. Then from the second floor balcony Collin yelled: “Whoa Anna Beth! Whose you’re doctor? I totally need lipo.” Anna Beth turned red as a tomato and turned to Aria. A tear fell from Aria’s face as she remembered what she told Anna Beth: “Hey Anna Beth, where did you get those boobs? I totally need a pair of double-Ds. I mean you’re boobs use to look like mosquito bites and now they look like boulders!” That’s when Anna Beth flung her shirt on and ran home. God….Why had they been so mean?

     “Aria, what’s wrong?” Anna Beth asked. Aria wiped her eyes.

     “I’m so sorry…..”
     “The summer of freshman year at Collin’s party.” Aria sobbed. Anna Beth’s face turned purple, like she was too embarrassed to remember that awful party. “I’m sorry for what we did…What we said.”

     “It’s not what you said that hurt me…” Anna Beth began. “It was the truth of the matter at hand that made me sick.”
     “What are you talking about?” Anna Beth lowered her head, gathering up courage.

     “I didn’t go to get lipo.”

     “I know”

     “You know?”

     “Yeah….I know you didn’t have lipo.”

     “No that’s not what happened….” she began. “God this is so embarrassing but….I’m bulimic.” Aria gasped. “I have been since eighth grade.”

     “Anna Beth….You need to get help. That’s a serious problem.”

     “I know!” she cried, tears falling from her eyes. “I just can’t stop. I don’t wanna be fat again and be called Porky-Dorky!” Aria froze. No no no! She couldn’t admit that she had made up that nick name. But wasn’t she supposed to become a better person? To make everything right.

     “I made that up.” Aria said lowering her head, ashamed.

     “I know.”

     “Oh god Anna Beth, I’m so sorry! If I had known what you were going through I wouldn’t have said it. Please, please forgive me.”
    “You know…I thought you were a bitch.”

     “That’s Miss Bitch too you.” Aria said and they both laughed.

    “It’s good to know you have a heart…” she spat out wiping her tears away. They both stood to their feet and hugged. They both were covered in tears. All of Aria’s make up had been wiped away. At that moment Aria realized that just a little, harmless nickname like “Porky Dorky” could ruin someone’s life. Because of Aria, Anna Beth could die. Calling people names doesn’t make you better and calling people fat doesn’t make you any skinnier.

    As they exited the forest, arms intertwined with one another, Anna Beth asked: “So, I guess I’ll see you at the party tonight?”

     They were in front of Aria’s car. She looked at Anna Beth. “Yes, I will definitely be there.” she answered slipping into her car. As Aria drove off she couldn’t help but wonder….How did Anna Beth know she was going to the party?   


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