Save Me From Falling
Author: booklover95

Chapter 2
Wait Is This Like Déjà Vu?

Wait Is This Like Déjà Vu?


     Beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep! The alarm clock blared, waking Aria with a startle. She hit the snooze button and reached across the dresser to reach for her electronic planner. She had had the weirdest most intense dream she’d ever had. She flipped the planner on and noticed something odd. The planner read: Friday, December 14th 2008. Hadn’t that been the date in her dream? Had she dreamed about the future? It’s not possible, she said to herself getting out of bed.

     When Aria leaped out of bed she noticed something else that was odd. She wore the same clothes she had worn in her dream. Except these clothes were all muddy and covered in red blood smears. Then she remembered….The car. The hit and run and how she had….She couldn’t say the word but, died. Had she really died? No it was imposturous; people didn’t die and wake up in their beds the next morning. It just didn’t work that way.  The blood and mud began to slowly disappear from her blue jeans and white hoodie as if it was magic. Aria gaped in astonishment. So, apparently the crash was real? She quickly found the answer to her problems when she pulled out her cell phone and looked through her inbox. The same text from the jumbled mess was still there. Last night had been real. So how in the world was Aria back?

     The comforting sound of Aria’s mother voice rung from downstairs: “Aria! Time to get up!” Aria grumbled and began the walk down stairs. The smell of pancakes and maple syrup made her hungry. “Oh good! You’re already dressed.” Cynthia exclaimed slapping two pancakes on the plate in front of Aria.

     “I’m not really that hungry.” she said, shoving the plate away.

     “Eat.” her mother began. “There’s starving kids in Africa who would kill you for that food.” Aria grumbled and forced herself to eat the pancakes. “So, what are you doing today?”

     “Um….Not quite sure yet. I may hit up the mall and then head to Elle’s party tonight.” She realized how terrible she sounded. God had given her a second chance. She couldn’t waist that on shopping and parties. What she needed to do was forgive and make everything right. Dropping the fork on the plate she suddenly knew what she had to do. But first, of course a trip to the mall wouldn’t be a buzz kill.


     As soon as Aria knew what she had to do she raced upstairs and got the box underneath her bed and flipped the lid back. She admired the David Yurman watch that was worth a lot of money. She admired the blouse and Polo cap she had shop lifted as well. Looking at everything she had stolen from the store made Aria ache with guilt. When she and her friend, Collin, had stole goods from stores it had felt so fun. Collin would wear the clothes she stole around and show off her game. But, Aria had always hid her stolen items in the box under her bed. It made her sick to think that they had actually done this and gotten away with it. She realized that God would definitely want her to take it back and admit the truth.

     She scampered out into the freezing cold and slowly slipped into her black 4Runner. On her way to the mall she passed the Westgate Park. Aria didn’t dare look at it. She even ran the stop sign to avoid the sight of the dreadful place. A couple more blocks and she was on the highway that led to the Westgate Mall. Traffic was slim at nine in the morning.

     By the time she reached the front doors to the mall her heart was already racing. Would they send her to jail? No, she thought to herself, they can’t. Inside the mall it was warm and the smell of Espresso coffee engulfed her senses. She entered Touch of Dress, the store she and Collin had stolen from. It was only a local store and sold the hottest clothes for teenage girls. Aria almost screamed when she saw who was working the register.

     Lucy Tucker.

     She was the only shopper in the store, which scared her a little bit more. “Can I help you?” Lucy called out. Aria, who was looking in a mirror, saw Lucy’s reflection behind her which made her jump. “I’m not going to hurt you. I know you all think I am, but I’m not.” she said, sweetly. Aria wondered who she meant buy “you all”. Finally Lucy noticed the box at Aria’s side. “What’s that?” Her heart pounded with suspense.

     “Just look for your self.” Aria mumbled, laying the box on the check-out counter. Lucy carefully opened the box and stared inside. Aria expected for Lucy to call mall security and send Aria to mall jail. But instead Lucy looked like she understood what was happening.

    “You stole this?” Lucy asked, raising a pair of sunglasses with the price tag still attached.

    “Yeah, I stole all of it.” she said, lowering her head. “I’m…I’m so sorry.”

    “It’s okay.” Lucy murmured beginning to pull all the items out. Aria had no idea what she was doing. Was Lucy actually being nice to her? Maybe Lucy wasn’t so awful after all. Lucy took all the items and began to re-stock them.

     “Why are you doing this?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You know what I mean…..” Aria began, but didn’t want to sound mean. “I was so awful to you all those years…”

     “I’ve forgiven you, and you’re friends. It was hard at first but I realized I cannot dwell in past, so eventually I got over all the horrible things you did to me.” Aria’s heart crumbled and tears came to her face. She remembered once when she and Collin had come in here and Lucy was working. Lucy had just eaten a big meal and her stomach was over sized. Collin had pointed at her and yelled: “Oh wow, I didn’t know you were pregnant, slut.” Within a few hours, everyone in town had found out that Lucy Tucker was “pregnant”. Aria was heart broken that she had done nothing to stop the rumors. As a matter of fact, Aria had helped start the rumors.

     “Don’t cry….” Lucy said handing Aria a tissue. Aria thanked her. “I’m over it…it, it’s nothing.”

     “No it’s not! I was terrible to you! How can you be okay with that?”

     “Aria….I’ve forgiven you.”

    Then something flew out of Aria. Something she didn’t know she could say: “I’m….I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

     “Aria! I have forgiven you!” she said laughing. “But….” her face grew serious. “There is one person you need to forgive….”

     “Wait…what are you talking about? Forgive who?” she asked curiously.

     “Yourself.” she muttered. Aria didn’t quite know what Lucy was talking about but when she went to ask her she was gone, helping another customer who happened to be a girl from school. Aria thought her name was Anna Beth Sherwood. Aria exited the store, leaving the box.

     As soon as she stepped out of Touch of Dress her Blackberry began to ring. Aria fumbled through her purse and pulled the phone out. The screen read ONE NEW MESSAGE. She hit OPEN and read the message:

      Aria: I thought little Christian girls didn’t steal. Oh wait you’re not a Christian….You’re a thief and a bitch. See you at the partttaaayyy tonight! xoxo :)

     How in the world?! Aria thought to herself. The only person that new Aria shop lifted was Collin and….Lucy. She turned around and peered back into the store. Anna Beth was gone and Lucy was sitting at the counter….Laughing, as she sent a text message.


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