We are Alpha
Author: Garrett R. Kirby

Chapter 1
Jerry Part 1

Alpha One:

The Year is 2232.

A young man named Jerry Hill has signed up at a recruiting station to become a part of the very first Super Soldier Program. Jerry has no regrets, not caring that he is giving his life away. General Reece, the man he has just spoken with, shakes Jerry's hand and sends him on his way. Jerry has ten days left to live a normal life.
Ten days later Jerry arrives at the station, and is taken in a large, heavily armored truck to an airport with a few others. Jerry smiled at the man sitting across from him, Bill Lux. Bill and Jerry sit next to each other on the large aircraft, and talk for a while about their lives. There wasn't much to tell.

After the first few days of normal military training, Bill and Jerry are given a shot full of a thick, red liquid. They go for days without eating, not feeling the least bit hungry. Jerry notes that everybody that was on the transporter to this giant super-base now has black cracks throughout their eyes, including himself.
For weeks Jerry and Bill train together, running and jumping through obstacles, going in hand-to-hand combat, etc. Jerry feels better than ever before, and it takes much more then simply running to get winded, unlike his normal, imperfect form. Soon, the cracks disappear.

After three months of hard training, Jerry and Bill, along with a few others, are introduced to their new leader, General Black. General Black is wearing large, bulky red armor, with a black visor for him to see out of. Jerry feels very nervous around such a large man, but stands at attention, just like the others. General Black inspects them like dogs, making sure they are in more then perfect condition. Black shakes every ones hand and welcomes them to Alpha Team. Jerry tells Black it is an honor.

Only two days later it is time for the real mission. General Black explains to the Alpha Team that they will be getting their very own armor, with the ability's best suited for the team. Jerry requested teleportation, but didn't think it would work. Bill receives a metal, grey vest along with armor to put on the rest of his body in addition to it. Bill's helmet looks almost like a standard-issue SSP helmet.
Upon putting on his armor, Jerry sees the number on his chest, 126. Bill is 125.

Only an hour later a aircraft is taking Alpha Team to the drop-off point. The interior is lit with red lights, and there are doors leading into small capsules on each side. Jerry wonders if they are for Virtual Reality, something he and Bill were training in that created a fictional world of their likings. Jerry dismisses that thought, however, because he notices that the pods are much to small to be VR pods. Eventually, General Black tells them to get in and strap themselves to the back. Jerry and Bill look at each other with odd expressions, though they could not be seen under their helmets, and walk into two pods next to each other. Once Jerry was inside he saw seat-belt looking straps, and put two down the center, and one on his left and one on his right. Everything was silent, and the red lights disappeared behind the metal doors shutting over the pod.
Jerry sat in darkness for at least two minutes with no sign of anything happening, before suddenly he heard what sounded like a missile being launched. Jerry wished he could see so that he knew if everything was ok. It started to sound as though wind was rushing past the pod quickly, and the metal blast-door flew off, leaving only a glass wall between Jerry, and the sky. In his vision, Jerry could see the very large air craft flying off, and more pods falling with him.

Black was speaking over the microphone, but Jerry didn't listen. He was never trained for this, and had no idea what was going on. He thought that they were being dropped off at a Landing Zone, or LZ, but they must have been taking a much less subtle approach. The glass suddenly pulled up, and the pod turned into large, metal shards flying off around him. Jerry was now falling slowly, upright. He looked up and saw a parachute keeping him from falling to fast. Jerry looked around and saw the other members floating down as well.
Everybody landed on top of a large building, dead in the center of a city in China. Black told everybody to stick with him, and walked off. Jerry followed beside Bill, a standard-issue SSP rifle in his hands. Black kicked a door, and it flew off it's hinges and tumbled down the stairs. The sound of gunfire was more than enough to keep Jerry concentrated as he and the others shot down every enemy they saw.
Soon SSP had claimed the Chinese base, and took a small information drive, which contained the locations of many other enemy bases.

The year is 2234.

Alpha team is going out on a raid mission. Their objective is simple: Get in, plant the bombs, get out. This type of mission had been done so much before, that it was burned into the skulls of the team.
As the team was boarding into the two choppers, Bill stopped Jerry. They were both assigned to different choppers, so Bill didn't have much time to talk.
"Jerry, I don't like this. Something feels... wrong." Bill said.
Jerry laughed. "Don't worry about it, we've done this before." He smiled, winked, and then stepped onto his chopper and put on his helmet, doing a small salute towards Bill, in more of a cocky nature as the chopper took off and the metal door slid up in front of Jerry.
"Just remember to keep your head in the right place." Jerry said into his microphone, then turned and walked over to his seat next to General Black.

Only an hour later the chopper was there. These SSP choppers could move faster than any other military chopper could, but these were also black ops attack choppers, so that explained the stealthy-like speed.

Black stood and looked at his men, and spoke to them all through his mic. "You all know the drill. Get ready to come up on the landing zone in five." He said, looking them over. Jerry turned in his seat and watched the other chopped flying only a small distance across from them. Suddenly, a grey streak painted it's way through the air towards Bill's chopper. A rocket was hissing, and following right after the chopper.
"No! Heat-Seekers!" Jerry yelled, slamming his fist into the window when the chopper was hit. A large explosion echoed through the air, and the other chopper whirled right into Jerry's, the blades cutting through the drivers in front like butter, splattering blood on the now broken windows, and sending the tangled choppers both plummeting towards the ground.
"Brace for impact!" Black yelled as the choppers hit the ground. Jerry flew into the metal side of the chopper and busted his helmet. He let the darkness consume him quietly...

Not even two minutes later, Jerry awoke to ringing ears and the sound of gunfire. Slowly, he stood, surrounded by fire and twisted metal. He cursed under his breath. Jerry already hated flying before that accident, how would this effect his future?
He stumbled, tried to steady himself, and walked into the streets of China. Red beams were shooting all around them like a big light show, and burning everything they made contact with.  Jerry spotted Black and Bill, both only a few feet away from each other with a few members standing with them as well. Bill saw Jerry and pointed down at the ground, meaning "take cover". Soon after he made that small motion, a red beam of light shot past Bill and hit the member behind him whose name Jerry could not remember.  The red beam burned through the soldiers chest, and he fell to his knees, red smoke rising from the hole that led all the way threw his body. Jerry stepped away just as a beam nearly hit him in the head.
"Ah! Fall back damn it!" Black screamed over the team mic. Everybody started to slowly back away, still shooting at the snipers and enemy soldiers whom were on rooftops and in the streets.
One of Jerry's team members turned to sprint off, but was stopped quickly by a blast in his torso. Another started to run, and the others followed behind him. Jerry looked towards the enemy soldiers and, just by wanting to do so, the visor in  his helmet zoomed in on the enemy. A very large man walked out of the building, two smaller Chinese soldiers on his right and left flanks. The large one was carrying a rocket launcher, which he aimed towards the chopper. Jerry's eyes widened and his visor went back to normal. He waved the other direction, trying to tell his team to run away from the chopper, instead of running towards it for cover. "Stop!" he screamed, but it was to late. The rocket fired and snaked towards the chopper. Before Jerry could disappear, the explosion hit him and sent everybody flying in all different directions.
Jerry could see a streak of blood paint over his vision. It was flying out of a limb that was shooting across the street with Jerry. Whether this limb was an arm or a leg, Jerry could not tell. It was far to bloody, far to beaten, to be either.

Jerry slammed into the side of a building with such force that the back of his helmet started to crack open. Jerry fell to the ground, his vision starting to blur. He whispered to himself "No, I have to... stay awake..."
When he looked up, fighting to keep from getting knocked out, he could see bloody arms, legs, and even a dismembered head was laying in the street.
"Alpha...?" Black gasped into the mic. "Alpha... Red Light."
Jerry's eyes widened again. Red Light was code, which was telling everybody that if they didn't get the hell out, then death would come quick.
"Copy that." Bill's voice replied. Jerry could see the grey figure of Bill running over to him quickly. Another rocket came flying through the air towards Bill, but he threw his hands out towards it, crating a energy shield for a split-second, that, on impact, made the rocket explode. When Bill reached Jerry he pulled him up and started running, signaling for Jerry to follow with a slight hand motion.

Jerry ran after Bill quickly, but an explosion suddenly went off under Bill's feet, sending Bill, and his arm, flying back towards Jerry, who jumped up and grabbed Bill, then disappeared and reappeared on the top of a near by building.
"My arm!" Bill screamed. "My god! They blew it off!"
Jerry switched his mic from private frequency to team-communicator and started yelling quickly. "126 to HQ, come in HQ! HQ, do you copy?!"
There was a slight static sound before a female voice replied. "We read you loud and clear 126, what's your status?"
"Send evacuation choppers now!" Jerry yelled. "Most of us are dead, 125 is loosing blood fast!" Jerry glanced down at Bill and saw a pool of blood starting to form where his arm used to be.
"Hold tight 126, I'm sending evac choppers to your location now." the female voice replied, and Jerry leaned down next to Bill.
"Hang on, ok? I'm going to get you something to stop the blood." He said. Just after he said that, like magic, he was suddenly standing inside the destroyed choppers,  crawling through until he found a large metal container. "Found it!" Jerry said, then reappeared next to Bill. Jerry looked through the box until he found a large shot full of a clear liquid. Jerry quickly stabbed it into Bill's now deformed shoulder and injected the liquid. Not even two minutes later a chopper appeared in a black shadow-like portal. That was also how it looked when Jerry teleported.
Jerry stood and watched as the chopper shot down the enemy's, and then landed next to him and Bill on the building. Jerry picked Bill up and put him in, and then jumped off the building and appeared on the ground below. He ran around, looking for any survivors. He found one person propped up against a wall for support, blood rushing from his arms and legs, all over his dark green armor. Jerry ran over to him and grabbed him, then appeared by the chopper and loaded him in. Jerry switched his mic over to team-communicator and said "Is anybody else out there?"

No response.
"General Black?"

Jerry appeared down in the streets and did the only thing he could do. Jerry looked around and gathered little blue, square pieces. Each one he gathered he pressed a button on, and the name and number of the soldier would appear. Some of the tags he had to rip off of dead body's, some were just laying around.
Jerry found one with a large crack in it, and hit the button. General Black's name appeared and Jerry sighed, then appeared in the chopper and told the driver to take off.
"Where's Black?" The green soldier, Washington, asked. "Did he make it?"
Jerry shook his head. "There was no body, but he wasn't replying to the team-communicator."
Washington bowed his head in silence, and the three survivors waited for the chopper to teleport them back to the base, where they would all become promoted for their strength and courage.


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