Piercing The Sky, A Book of My Poems
Author: Neil Evans

Chapter 95
Demons Inside

For poem number 94, I decided on a rhyme-scheme type poem. I know it's not good, it was inspired by the songs "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace, "Monster" by Skillet, and "Reckoning Day" by Megadeth. I thank those bands and their songs for the inspiration given to me. Sunday, August 29, 2010




The part that's hidden

Underneath my flesh

Jason and Jack

Is what they like to be called


Satan hidden deep inside

He takes control, I can't hide

You think I lie when the words come out

But there is a different side


That I carry with me

You just can't leave be

You keep picking at my scabs and try

To pick me apart, you don't realize I could die


Please stop playing with my life

You don't understand, you couldn't

It's like a spike, plunging out, a knife

It hurts, oh please you really shouldn't


Dying inside, Satan wants free

Out of his cage, deep inside of me

I can't stand the rage, he's coming out

It's getting very painful, without a shadow of a doubt


Now I've exploded, you made the wrong fucking choice

You wouldn't listen, I screamed but you didn't hear my voice

So now I'm going to dismember you, Satan's here now

I'll rip your guts and neck out, you stupid fucking cow


Try me again, pick at my damned scabs one more time

You know what this is, this is your punishment, today

Hurt, that's what you did to me, Satan calls it a crime

By the darkness of the moon and the sun's golden rays


At the end of the day I'm staring down

Blood and gore all over the ground

I tried to keep control, why can't you see!

He kept picking, the scabs bled, it wasn't me!


I swear on my life

Through all the pain

I smile and know

Jason and Jack

Got away

With a full stack


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