Save Me From Falling
Author: booklover95

Chapter 1
Aren't Cool Girls Supposed To Be At Parties?

Aren’t Cool Girls Supposed To Be At Parties?


     Aria Miller searched the crowd one last time for David DiAshley, but he was no where to be in sight. She sat her beer on the hand rail leading up stairs, but still no David. Dang, she though, where could he be? Before she could answer she heard David’s drunken voice behind her:

     “Hey babe, lovin’ this partaaayyy!” he shouted, holding up a bottle of vodka. Aria gasped.

     “Where’d you get that?” she asked, curiously.

     “Elle’s parents basement…..I doesn’t matter.” Aria looked passed him as he finished the drink. Every year Elle Daniels parents went on a golf tournament and while they were gone Elle would through the biggest parties. This by far had been her biggest yet. Aria was claustrophobic in the house so she took David outside with her. It was freezing and Aria had left her coat on the couch. No telling where it’d be now.

     “I’m ready to go….” Aria mumbled. She new David wasn’t ready to leave. They’d only been there an hour.

     “What? No…” he began but quickly read the disappointment in Aria’s face. “Well…..Sorry but I can’t, their about to do the keg stand!” he raced back inside leaving Aria alone. Damn it.

     “David!?” she yelled knowing he hadn’t heard her. “Ughh.” And so, she began the walk home.

     Dothan, Alabama wasn’t a big town and her house was only a few blocks away. So what could happen? Boy….A lot could happen. Aria paced up the sloping hill and watching as the party lights dimmed away and away until they were mere shimmers. She bundled herself up to keep the coldness away. She had walked in to get her coat and found the smell of beer mixed with semen on it. Barf. The streets were dark and empty. Not even the street lamps flickered. The pale moonlight guided her down the road. Aria grew frightened. How could David leave her? Just simply pick alcohol over her? Selfish drunkard.

     She knew if she could reach the park, she’d be okay. The Westgate Park was surprisingly one of the safest places in the neighborhood. She could use the pay phone at the park to call her mother, Cynthia, to come and get her. When her mom came she’d cry her eyes out and replay the pathetic story about David.

     The only creepy thing about the park was the trails beside the park. Trails for joggers and triathlon racers. It was a 3 mile trail that looped around the park, baseball complex, and soccer fields. She would have to stay clear of the woods. There had been some stories about rapist and child molesters that lurch in the woody area.

     Aria arrived at the park safely and ran toward the telephone booth. She placed the wet telephone to her ears, gagging. Chewed gum was spread across the numbers 7, 8, and 9. Aria quickly dialed her mother’s number. A cold and misty breeze filled the park with a haunting seer. The lamp posts cast ghostly shadows upon the swings and rock climbing wall. Why had she been so stupid? She could have waited on David. Damn. Suddenly her mother answered the phone: “Hello?”
     “Hey mom it’s me. I’m at the park about two blocks from home….Can you come get me?” she asked, hearing her mother gasp on the other end of the phone.

     “Of course! Did something happen with David?”

     “Mom, I’ll explain when you get here. Just hurry. Bye.”

     “Be safe, love you.” she said hanging up the phone. Aria dropped the phone back into it’s holder and imaged her mother dressed in her PJ’s and slippers riding to come get her lame daughter who’d bailed on the best party of the year. Loser.

     Suddenly, Aria’s phone began to ring. Her phone was dead though? Hadn’t it been? Yes, it had. It had died at the party. Maybe it had regained some charge, she provoked herself to believe. Aria glanced down at the screen and read: ONE NEW MESSAGE, in flashy letters. The battery icon at the top of the screen was flashing, meaning her phone was about to die. She pressed: OPEN, and read the text:

      Aria: Little Bitches who play with fire are bound to get hurt. You hurt me. So I’m going to hurt you. Watch out. :)

     She dropped her phone back into her Gucci bag and sat down on a table. Whoa, who was that? Aria didn’t have a clue but she was terrified. The number was a jumbled mess that she couldn’t make out. However she had recognized the area code, which she found out to be the area code of where she lived. So whoever it was lived in town and probably went to her school. She imagined it had been a girl. Do boys end texts with smiley faces? Only feminine boys, she thought to herself.

     The only person Aria had ever been mean to was Lucy Tucker. The schools psycho maniac, literally. Lucy had been sent to reform school and had recently moved back to Dothan after 4 years ago when she took her mothers car out for a joy ride that didn’t go quite as planned. She crashed into a telephone poll and when her mother got to the scene Lucy denied everything by telling her mother that she was a self-obsessed narcissistic bitch. Lucy had really high anger management problems. Once in 5th grade she had punched a teacher for giving her a pop quiz on material she didn’t learn.

     But Aria couldn’t help but think that this could not have been a text from Lucy. Lucy was better now….She wasn’t crazy anymore.

     Little Bitches who play with fire are bound to get burned.

     The sentence made Arai shiver with tremors. Then all of a sudden she felt warm. A warm glow lit her body like she was some kind of angel. No not angel. It was….was….car lights? Yes, car lights shining on her from across the road. She heard a car door slam and the lights shut off. Total darkness. Then a faint voice yelled, bringing Aria back the reality. “Aria! Come here.” her mother’s voice yelled. Oh thank God, she thought to herself grabbing her bag way to fast. The contents of her bag flew everywhere. Her cell phone landed with a loud thud and the screen glowed. She read: ONE NEW MESSAGE. “Oh crap no” Aria muttered pressing OPEN.

      Aria: Who skips parties to go hang out at the park? Aren’t cool girls supposed to be at parties? You won’t be at any parties for long. Mwah! :)

     Her heart skipped a beat and her chest seized together tightly. How could this creep know she was at the park? She didn’t care, for her mother was right across the street waving frantically. Aria gathered the things that happen fallen out-her cell phone, planner, iPod, and a tampon. She slung the heavy bag over her shoulder and began the jog to her mother. Thank the Lord she had come on time! Aria smiled and ran faster.

     A sharp pain entered her ribs while running. Aria grew frequent side stitches when she ran but this by far was the worst one she’d ever had. She doubled over in the street and massaged the area. It quickly went away.

     But suddenly she felt the familiar warm glow that felt like an angel. She looked up at her mother’s car across the street but her lights were off. Then she heard the sound of a cars engine coming from behind her. She spun around quick, her blonde hair flying in her face. The Silver Volvo was coming at her too fast. She stopped dead, like a deer in the headlights. But only this time there was no deer. Only Aria.

     “Aria!” she heard her mother yell in panic. “Watch out!!!!!”

     But it was too late. “Holy shit!” Aria screamed.

When the car hit her it made a sickening sound. Before she knew it she was flying across the street. The car sped off going faster than ever. Aria hit the ground and lost feeling in her back, neck, arms and legs. She couldn’t move. The contents of her purse were sprung every which way.

     From a distance she heard her mother yelling and sobbing. “Oh my god! My baby! Aria! Ariiiaaaaaaaaaa!” 

     That’s when everything around her became fuzzy and dark. That was the moment Aria Miller knew she had passed on.  


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