Piercing The Sky, A Book of My Poems
Author: Neil Evans

Chapter 90
The One

Friday, August 27, 2010, WRITTEN IN A NOTEBOOK This poem is by far the longest I've ever written. I wrote this on 3 pages of notebook paper. Rereading it, it didn't look much like a poem, more like a random rant-type thing. So I versed it, made it better, this is the final outcome.




Scars on my arms, legs and back

Slowly healing, from my broken state

The biggest scar is within

The one on my heart


Torn out and broken more than a few times

It's such a useless organ, weak and fragile

From a troubled life and a troubled time

The world was fucked up, it didn't make sense


He wanted to die

But They couldn't let him

Left alone, outcast by the world

I took one last chance, one final try


Who would have thought

That I'd stop searching because

I found the one


So I'll shout it from the rooftops

Scream it everywhere I go

Just so that they can know


I fell, and I fell hard

Snapped down quick

Might of broken some bones


All the emptiness and agony

Slips away, so fast and quick

Just because you say



The lies and the pain all gone

Nobody else, makes me feel this way

Just say that you're the one

The one we all search for

Because I don't wanna search no more


Nobody else

Just you and me

That's how I want it to be


And at the end of the day

When we can no longer play

I'll smile

Leave you a kiss

Tell you the truth

That I love you


Then when I sleep

Wherever you're at

I'll be dreaming of

When I see you



But what if tomorrow I'm not here?

What if you won't see me again?

Will you cry?

Will you feel so bad

So deep inside

You would just want to die?


But, Honey, if I'm not here tomorrow

The only thing I want to know is

Do you understand just how much

I love you?


I'd rather slowly die

Slowly bleed to death

Than go forty-eight hours

Without you


I'd rather be crippled forever

Never be able to walk again

Than lose you, for a second time

I love you


More than you know

More than anyone could understand

And I really, really hope that you're the one


I wake up every day

I look at a picture of you

Suddenly, this day

Feels okay


Even if I won't see you

Not tonight, not right now

Your face makes the day

Feel so damn good

Feel so damn right


And when you're crying

Black streaks down your face

Going so far down, you try to hide them

You're so unhappy, so alone in this world


I can't help but stare

I never mean to hurt you

No, never you


I only want you to feel happy

To understand

You'll never be alone


And if you ever want to feel safe

To feel like this world isn't real

I'll let you into my arms

Let you dig your head to my shoulder

So you can finally let go

You can finally cry


So I'll shout it from the rooftops

I'll scream it everywhere I go

Just so that they can know

I fell down

I fell down so hard


But you picked me up

Fixed my broken wings

Now you're all that's ever on my mind

You're the one

The one my world goes around

The one that I'll love now

Until judgment day

I love you


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