Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 27

      sunshine ran from the school. her feet carried her all the way to the road leading to lavender's home before she collapsed. her hands dug into the mud and her grey skirt had no more a hint of grey. it clumped to her legs and weighed her down. her heart cried out in pain. why did lassie do this to her? why did she have to make her so sad when she thought that lassie was her hope? sunshine tried to pull herself back onto her feet but she had little strength. not enough to help her stand again. anger overwhelmed her sadness and she slammed her palms violently into the thick soil. the wet mud splattered onto the paved road and onto her pale face. she did not have any strength to get herself up yet she wasted what was left of herself to take out her anger on something that would never understand how she felt.
       slowly, she wiped the mud of her skirt. it was a dirty and slow process. she was disgusted at the brown sludge sliding off her hands. she had never gotten this dirty since she was four when she ran around in the playground with her friends. a child deprived of the playground.

sunshine saw a hand on her shoulder and she turned round to find lassie standing beside her, her face drenched in tears.

"i'm sorry," lassie sobbed.

sunshine sneered and pulled her arm away.

"you still think that you're an unfortunate child. you pity yourself, don't you? but look, you are out here with me. you aren't the same as you were before," lassie continued.

"how would you know what i was like before!" sunshine shouted.

"you were locked in your room. but you're out now. you're free just like any other child. you want to be a student just like everyone else..."

that sentence blocked out sunshine's anger, and she realised lassie was right. she craved to be like everyone else. she wanted to go to school like all the other children. but then again, that was of the past. did she really want to be like everyone else now? or resign to a bitter life of being kept inside. she knew that there was a normal child in her, yet she had locked it away over time. and now, even if she wanted to, those locks were too much for her to break from. she did not have the strength anymore. she had it before, but that bitterness she harboured had slowly drained it away.

"it's not my fault anymore," sunshine screamed. "i can't break free anymore."


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