Giving up the art
Author: Ella

Chapter 20

I sat in front of the old brown piano. It was at least forty years old. In my hand I held the certificates my mother had received from her piano exams. They were yellow with age and felt crisp around the edges. Delicate, fragile, I handled it with such care. But I had found them carelessly slotted into a plastic folder and left forgotten in a chest of documents. I had found them while searching through the drawers. Grade 2 and then grade 3. It ended there. Yet grade 3 seemed amazing to me. Something I may never achieve. I held the papers in my hand, gently, fearing they might crumble to dust any moment. I stared at the white keys with but one wish in my heart, to play just like others. With a lingering hope, I placed the papers atop the piano and pressed down lightly at the keys. Before long, I was banging. The noise was not like that of a professional. It was untrained and incidental. I had composed my first piece. I made it sound like my life. Yet I had not a name for it. It shall be called Unnamed until I find a meaning behind it. I loved the introduction. It was simple. Perhaps introduced to far too many songs before. Yet I made this mine. Soon, it was a melody almost pleasant to my ear. I knew there must be great flaw in it, but it was first and only melody. I did not write the notes down. I knew they would fade from my mind if I did not play it often. I had never taken a music exam. I picked up her certificates again and scanned the scores. She had passed, but a mere pass. I wondered, I dreamed, if I took the exam, would I have just passed too? Or would I have any chance of doing better. It was late. I did not wish to decide it anymore. It was never meant to be anyway. Just be content with my first composition.


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