My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 78
Nonse Ramble (7)

Nonsense Ramble (7)


I can't even name them all,

All the guys that I love,

They all claim they love me too,

But I know that's just bullshit,

Who could love a whore like me?

And all that I have to do,

I mean seriously..

My life is just one big game,

Talking to new guys daily,

Just so I feel cared for,

I know what that means,

So why not tell you..

Means I don't get enough attention,

From all my family,

My friends,


It means I'm totally alone,

And to get the attention,

I'm so badly deprieved of,

I do everything I shouldn't,

Talk to random guys,

Tell them I love them,

The problem here is..

I acttually do,

If we've been talking long enough,

I really truely love them,

But it hurts..

One minute they love me too,

The next they just disappear,

And I never hear from them again,

I can only recall a few guys that have stuck around..




And Mike..

But it's a little awkward with Mike,

He doesn't even remember me,

That hurts.. Really hurts,

I loved him more then anyone,

I still do,


He doesn't remember me,

What we had,

What we talked about,

What happened to me,

I guess he doesn't remember anything about me,

And that's gotta be what hurts the most..

This is barely even a poem,

I'm sorry people,

This is more like a off letter,

A ramble,

Nonsense Ramble..

Gotta be number 8 by now?

I'll post it and recheek..

But I'm not finished..

Right now I'm in tears..

I was almost raped a few days ago,

And yet I have nobody to tell,

Who would listen?

Who would care?

Who would act?


Nobody at all..

So I keep it to myself,

Nobody needs to know,

And it's not the first time,

This particular guy has tried..

Everytime I manage to get away,

So I guess it's not that bad,

Just this time he got further..

This time it hurt,

This time there was blood..

You will be thinking something,

And I garuntee I know what it is,

So I'ma say it's totally different.

I'm in extreme pain right now,

But none of the guys are on..

None of them..

I haven't heard from Mike in a few days,

But before that I hadn't heard from him in months..

Jon has stopped talking to me I do beleive,

Rick has his fishing occupying him,

Murat just seems to not like(love) me anymore,

And Mike is far too busy to care about some whore..

So my life is shit,

To put in simply,

The funny thing is,

I couldn't have it any other way,

I'm used to the pain now,

I really am..

That's the sad thing.


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