Twilight- 20 Years Later
Author: Jordan Yates

Chapter 4
The Day The Author Died


SORRY! To achieve my desired effect, there is a bit of "profanity", but nothing too bad. Enjoy! *Also! If it's in bold, it's me asking whoever it is, questions. I think you'll be able to tell when it's them and when it's just book.


By popular request, I have decided to write a chapter about the author of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, and the actors of the Twilight movies, namely Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. What happened to them when the revolution started? Where did they go? And, in the end, who survived?

Stephenie Meyer

San Diego, California


"She was an... Obstacle, in the destroying of Twilight. People wouldn't rest until the creator was dead. And, so it was."

(Cody Wilbourn has studied the Twilight Revolution for years. He's interviewed every survivor, read every book. He mainly specializes in the study of Stephenie Meyer and how she became a No. 1 author practically overnight. I figured he'd be the person to ask about what happened to the woman.
I arrive at his apartment in California, and immediatly see the extent of his work. The small desk in the corner of the room is covered in research papers on Meyer, Twilight and anything associated with the famous book series. I sit on the small couch in his living room and begin recording his story.)

Stephenie Meyer. That's a name, all right. She began the one of the largest revolutions this country's ever seen.  You see, she wrote the damn book. She could have done us a favor and just not publish it. Or, better yet, not write it at all. Not think, dream or read about vampires. Less lives lost, less damage, and a lot more smart people.


I see that you're not a big Twilight fan?


Hell no. She destroyed nearly the entire world with her stupid book! I decided to study her because I was interested in world history. Well, things don't get anymore worldwide unless you major in one of those ancient "World Wars". Who studies those? I wanted my area of research to be halfway recent.


What do you know about the ATR?

The ATR? I know just about everything. Ask anything; I minored in the ATR and WTR (Worldwide Twilight Revolution).


Okay... How did Stephenie react when things began?


She hid. What else could she do? All of the Anti-Twiers immediately went for her house. A little Twilight Army surrounded her house, guarding it. She couldn't leave. Her little army brought her food and other sustenance while she hid, no doubt reading. Or writing. Ugh, I can't believe she was writing!  What, causing a disaster is not good enough of a reason to stop writing? People obviously hate your writing, yet you continue? What the hell?


How did things go from there?


Well, Meyer hid for a period of about 3 months. But, her little army ran out of supplies and the will to fight. They all were killed in a brilliant showdown. The Anti-Twiers slipped from a nearby tree and came on with a strong surprise attack. In a matter of moments her "squad" either disappeared or died. The Anti's invaded the house and slaughtered Meyer. What was she doing when this happened? Writing. Oh, the irony.


What happened to the document she was writing?


It was taken from the scene after things ended. It's preserved in the Library of Congress. Another crappy piece of writing, if you ask me. Worth seeing, though, if you want to know what she possibly could be writing about under that type of siege. I examined it once. Looked to me like a poem, but you might know her better than I do.


Thank you for your time. Sorry if this was a bother...


It's all good. I learned a bit today, too...

Library of Congress

101 Independence Avenue

Washington, D.C.


(I walk in and I'm immediately greeted by metal detectors. Safety first, I guess. I finally meet up with Rosalinda Laguerre, the woman that will show me Stephenie Meyer's writing known as the "Final Document" or "Bloody Document" and tell me more about it. She takes me to a small room, one I would have never noticed on my own. We step in and I automatically see a glass case, and in it is one of the most famous documents since the Declaration of Independence.)


This is it. Beautiful, no? Surprisingly aged for it's... Age? I mean that it looks older than it is.


I understand what you mean.


It's very yellowed. When it was found, there were these (Points to the odd rustic colored stains on the sides and over some of the words). Blood. Most likely Meyers's herself. Incredible, isn't it? The author's own blood is forever a part of her final book. She never got to give it a title. We think that that's what this is (She refers to the top of the page, where there is a letter, T, written.). She had begun the title when she was killed. Whatever it was going to be, we will never know. It's a shame that such a great author was killed, don't you think? Those crazy people killed her without reason. The whole Revolution cost so many lives for no reason...


... Definitely.


Would you like to read it?




Alright. Look closely, and you should be able to make out the stained words...



I can't escape my mind

They force their way in

Leaving me here to die

Some may call it a sin

They won't leave me!

They pound on my door

And fall from the trees

Even when I don't think I can take anymore...

I write

And read

And write

and read

I can't escape them

But they can become a part of"


And the document cuts there. We don't know what the ending was going to be, either.


It appears she was writing about the people trying to break in.


We believe that too. Sad, that she was brought to such a mental state, though.


She's not much of a poet.


No, but she has good feeling in her writing.


Is that what you call it?



Nothing. Nothing at all.







Notify me when...

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