Arabian Knights
Author: Justin Carr

Chapter 11

The wind whipped across the ships deck. Rain poured in thick, heavy drops from the sky. Lightning flashed ferociously into the seemingly endless sea. I pulled my soaking wet cloak up around my neck, which didn't help deter the cold much. We were four months into our journey. four months ago i had escaped the massacre at dead mans forest.

I had expected a quick trip, but i soon learned that our trip would take close to five months to complete. We had to stop repeatedly in Afrika to buy food and supplies and in the three months that Olivious and I had known eachother, we were actually becoming friends. We were doing great for a weathered ship four months into a trip. We had lost three men, one fell overboard one night, and no one noticed until he didn't report for duty in the morning, which was far too late by then. The other two deaths were a bit more complicated. One morning i had awaken to find a dead body lying in the middle of the lowly passengers hold where the men slept. I had jumped down off my hammock only to find that the mans killer had been caught trying to escape the ship and after putting together that he was the killer , he had been dumped into the water in the middle of the ocean. We wouldn't take any chances, so he was first dressed in full armor, but before he was dumped overboard crispin had protested, saying armor was too valuable. We all agreed so he was then stripped of his armor and manacled, making it impossible to swim. After we had dispatched him we met with another ship off the coast of lower Afrika.
In charge of this ship was a man named Lord Talon, who famously wore an eagles talon around his neck at all times. Lord Talon set sail with us and our two ships now sailed for Arabia together. This arrangement prevented us from the attack of most pirates off the coast of Afrika, for which there were a great many. On occasion the two lords would meet each other for dinner or to discuss plans for attack on Jerusalem.

I pondered these things as i leaned against the deck of the ship,noticing men running about the deck. They were yelling orders, setting new courses, keeping us alive. I was so deep in my inner thoughts that i didn't notice Olivious giving the signal that all was safe. We had a plan. Crispin feasted every night while we went hungry on oats. We were going to sneak into his room, steal some food and leave. He was over on Lord Talon's ship this night, so he would never notice some scraps missing. Why should he , this was the fifth time we had done it.


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